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Texas Guitar Slim

Johnny Winter aka "Texas Guitar Slim"

Tommy Shannon

Tommy Shannon also played for Stevie Ray Vaughan. With whom he recorded: Texas flood, Couldn't stand the weather, Soul to soul, Live alive, In step

Winter Brothers Lawsuit

6 Mar 1996 - Blues musicians Johnny and Edgar Winter have filed a lawsuit against DC Comics and its parent corporation, Time Warner..

Johnny's Favourite Songs

Johnny's own favourites:

  • Be careful with a fool.
  • Progressive Blues experiment LP
  • Let me in
  • Boot Hill
  • Third Degree

The Beatles

Johnny Winter and the Beatles:

Johnny Winter closely watching the making of Sergant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Johnny Winter closely watching the making of Sergant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

The Sgt. Pepper's Movie with Peter Frampton and the Bee Gees. Johnny was in the Finale shot, just the last few minutes of the movie, where everyone sings the Sgt. Pepper's song. (Rick Derringer was in there too). In the book it shows the invitation sent out to everyone that was in "The Grand Finale" sequence of the film. It said:

We will be honored by your presence at Heartland, U.S.A. in Los Angeles between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. on Fri. December 16th and at the Gala Dinner that evening at a location to be announced.

Rock'N'Roll Hoochie koo (R.Derringer)

Bruce comments on Rock and Roll Hoochie Coo

My impression - as a fan, outside the loop - is that Johnny doesn't

  1. The song was written by Rick. Johnny collaborated with Rick from about 1971 (And, And Live, "Still Alive and Well", "Saint and Sinners") to 1975 (JDWIII), and played with Rick and Edgar collectively in 1976 (Together), but he hasn't done much with him since then, despite Rick's genial and persistent efforts to do so (releasing blues CDs, retaining Teddy to manage him, touring together - but NOT playing together, working with Edgar on a regular basis, covering Mean Town Blues, etc.). In a recent interview, Johnny Winter was asked how Rick was doing and he responded by noting that he doesn't keep up with Rick. All this indicates a professional association cooled for some time.
  2. The song was contemporary rock and roll, not blues. Johnny hasn't done much straight ahead non-oldie rock and roll songs in some time, the last effort at mainstream music being Winter of '88, with the last real rock and roll album being Raisin' Cain (1980).
  3. The song appeared on only one studio album by Johnny Winter (And). Despite inclusion on Edgar Winter's Roadwork, it was not included in any live album released in the seventies (And Live, Captured Live, or Together).
  4. The song was a huge radio hit, and became identified as the signature song, of Rick, a few years later. It did receive airplay on FM between 1971 and 1973, and to a much lesser extent after Rick's version was released.
  5. The song was not included in any "best of" compilation by CBS/Columbia/Blue Sky until the CD era, with Rock and Roll Collection (after Johnny was no longer under contract). CBS/Columbia albums omitting 'Coo include the Johnny Winter Anthology (which, ironically, included the otherwise unreleased flip side of the 'Coo single, 20th Century Man").
  6. Johnny did not play 'Coo in concert when I saw him in 1975, 1980, 1981, 1989, Recent info from list members indicate that my experience may be limited, with bootleg and video performances confirming that he has played it live over the years.

particularly care for 'Coo. This is based on the following

AKA Rock'N'Roll Hoochie Coo, Rock'N'Roll Hootchie Coo, Rock'N'Roll Hootchie Koo

  • Suzie Quatro - album: IF YOU KNEW SUZI
  • Rik Meyer - Java Project / Tracks of the Past
  • Van Halen - The UNCDs
  • John Miles (Remember: Music is first love)
  • Orange Whip

Bony Moronie (Larry Williams)

  • 1959 Ritchie Valens
  • 1974 Johnny Winter
  • 1975 John Lennon
  • 1994 The Who


Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen on Johnny Winter: I found this Johnny Winter reference in a Bruce Springsteen interview. "I think my first experience seeing a rock star was going to Steve Paul's Scene and seeing Johnny Winter. That was really something. I remember between sets he came out and sat at the very next table from me and my friends."

The Bottom Line Club - New York

Oct 2003

Bruce Springsteen has offering to come to the rescue of the small New York club where he launched his career three decades ago.

The Bottom Line at Greenwich Village was where Springsteen first became The Boss. His residency at the club created his reputation as one of the world's greatest live acts and launched him into superstardom.

In a statement Bruce says "Over the last 20 years, the Bottom Line has made itself a central part of New York City culture. When I think of the most memorable nights in my own career, few match the week of shows we did there in 1975. As a musician, as a citizen, and as one who loves New York City, I truly hope that a solution can be found that allows the Bottom Line and Allan and Stanley to continue their important, valuable work for many years to come."

The club is in debt to the tune of $US185,000 in rent dating back three years. The owner of the club is the New York University. The Uni is after the rent owned to date and wants to an increase moving forward. Springsteen has pledged to cover the debt.

The first act to play at the Bottom Line was Patti LaBelle on Monday, 11 February 1974. The club was officially opened the following night with a Jam Session featuring Dr. John, Stevie Wonder, Johnny Winter and an allstar audience including Mick Jagger, Carly Simon, Bette Midler, Charles Mingus and Janis Ian.

Springsteen first played the venue on 12 July that same year.

The Club and the landlord have failed to reach an amicable solution. The result of the recent court hearing will be made within 30 days to decide if the Club is to be evicted.

Stevie Ray Vaughan On Johnny Winter

Johnny Winter was the first white Texan bluesman to make it on a big scale. Were you influenced much by him? Yes, although I have never heard him as much then. I listened more to people like Albert Collins, Albert and Freddie King, Johnny Guitar Watson. But around '71 or '72, I got to jam a lot with Johnny over at Tommy Shannon's house -- that was a little bit after his initial big success.

Ritchie Blackmore on Johnny Winter

Ritchie Blackmore in an interview with "Guitar World" 1991

"Johnny Winter, who is one of the best blues players in the world, is also very underrated. His vibrato is incredible"

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