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Because of the enormous amount of information available on Johnny Winter, this web site is structured in multiple sections:

In the Johnny Winter's Story Top Menu bar you will find:

Biography - Johnny Winter's complete biography from 1944 until today.

Discography - The discography covers all albums and songs Johnny Winter ever recorded with many details on each album as well as the facility to buy these albums online.

Timeline - The Johnny Winter Story's timelines describes Johnny Winter's life from year to year, with information on concerts as well as complete set lists. .

Books - The Books and Magazines sections lists everything ever written on paper about Johnny Winter.

Tabs, lyrics and riffs - In this section you can find the guitar tabulars, lyrics and riffs of songs written by Johnny Winter as well as many of the songs performed by him.

Guitars and gears - In depth information on the guitars and gear used by Johnny as well as instructions on how to setup your own equipment like his.

Band members - the band members section describes all Johnny Winter's band members current and past

In the Johnny Winter Story's Bottom Menu, you will found the sections:

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions on Johnny Winter.

Fanmail - this is an archive of emails I have received from Johnny Winter fans since the existences of the Johnny Winter Story. You can also email me a message here.

Credits - all the people who have contributed to this web-site.

Site Info - technical information on the Johnny Winter Story.

Downloads - a few files you can download


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