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Tabs, Lyrics, Riffs

These pages contain guitar tabs / riffs and lyrics of Johnny Winter (and closely related) songs.


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Books with Johnny Winter Tablature

The Texas Blues Masters The "Texas Blues Masters" book comes from the same that produced the "Live In Houston album" and some other re-issued from the early days. Doubtful quality

Texas Blues Guitar Musicians Institute instructor Robert Calva covers rhythm and lead guitar in the styles of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Johnny Winter, T-Bone Walker, Freddie King and Albert Collins. He teaches: 24 common blues licks; common blues "box" positions; shuffle blues, slow blues, Latin blues & straight blues; and more. The book includes standard notation & TAB, and the CD features 34 full-band tracks.

Links to Johnny Winter Lyrics, Tabs and Riff web-sites

Or Kay-Uwe Graw's EXCELLENT web-site with many transcriptions of Johnny's slide songs, and also a very good web-site for anybody interested in guitar slide Bottleneck and Slide guitar tabs where also some tabs for Ry Cooder can be found.

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