The Johnny Winter Story

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

This pages covers most of the frequently asked questions I receive. Originally this website was created around 1993, at that time the use of the internet was scarce and it was hard to find information on Johnny Winter, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Blues Music, etc... Today the internet has many source of information like google facebook, ebay, amazon, wikipedia etc. therefore the usefullness of this page has been reduced. If you are looking for specific information email me


The White Line Data Service

The "The White Line Data Service" does no longer exist.

Trading tapes/videos

I do not trade tapes, however I do accept tapes and videos as compensation for maintaining this site.



Q. Where can I find the CD's: "And", "John Dawson III", "Raisin Cain".
A. Apparently these CD's are only available in Europe. Check your local CD import shop for these CD's, or try Amazon or Ebay

Q. When can we expect his next studio album?
A. Johnny's standard answer (since years) to this question is: beginning next year.

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