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15 April 2004

Onboard Johnny Winter's tour bus after the April 15, 2004 Orlando House of Blues show. Johnny Winter is being flanked by former band member Floyd Radford (left - with glasses) and former Tin House drummer Mike Logan (right).
Photo donated by Mike Logan

7 Sep 2003

hey johnny its been great. i've been a fan of yours since i saw you and edgar thru a glass window on main street and holcumon. you were playing at the act 111 or maybe act 11. the memory is a little foggy. yea this was in houston the last i saw you was at stubbs in austin i brought my sister to the concert she was blown away. i love you man and i wish you and your family god speed. i hope to see you soon in concert.


13 Jul 2003

Hey Johnny!

For about 30 years, I've wanted to thank you for all the hours of entertainment you music has provided me. I've also joked that if I ever me you, I'd have to pay you about ten thousand dollars for the guitar lessons! BUT if you held that against all the money I've made playing out, I'd have to still owe you about $9700.

Over time, I've been able to build a studio of sorts at home. I've done two "albums" all by myself (multitracking all the instruments). The outcome as described by a Florida radio station manager is "rough." I can't argue that. But it's okay enough to get played by a smaller station in North Carolina.

From your influence, I have a white Lazer, and a Continental copy of a Tricone in my collection. Everything you've said in the media over time is true- the Lazer is the best "compromise" guitar ever (I think it's the best-BEST ever), and the Tricone sounds so neat but it's harder to play than most.

Thanks again Johnny! If one day you get really bored, click on my web site In addition to some clips and pics of the studio, I've got LOTS of goofy stuff posted to laugh at.

Good luck out there, and I hope you're doing well,

Rusty Forrest (currently in) Cleveland, TN

25 Feb 2003

I went to some of his tours when came to arlington texas back in 1977 i have one concert poster when he played texas hall at uta

I enjoyed his concert what i can rember we were stoned most of 70s and 80s we are all getting old so we must change johhny stay well for as long as you can wish you well

old fan dj

13 Jan 2003

I have lived in Houston since 1964. When I became old enough to go to clubs. I use to go to Fitzgerald's. I saw you and Alan Haynes play. I also heard a rumor you did a gig there not too long ago. I am heartbroken I missed that. Alan comes to Houston at least once a month and I never miss any of his shows here.

I respect all you did for the whole entire blues movement. I hope to be the best white blues singer and drummer ever. I have even asked U. J. T. for some drum instructions. He has not responded yet.
Peace and love
Take care..

25 Nov 2002

Hey, just wanted to let you know that my husband (a Johnny Winter fan since forever) and I went to see Johnny Winter and his band at The State Theatre in Falls Church, VA, Saturday night. HE was WONDERFUL!!!! Yeh, so someone had to assist him on and off the stage!!! Johnny still plays the best BLUES and Rock yet! After he did the set, they came back for an encore! Still a showman reqardless of his health. He and the members of his band performed great! The concert was well worth the cost of the ticket! If they ever come this way again, we'll be there. You're not a true, loyal fan if you dis him just because of a health problem. A true loyal fan is there ... from beginning to end!!! Everybody gets older, sick, feeble at some point in their life!!!! Johnny should be in the hall of fame!!!!!!!

Nothing would thrill my husband (a blues guitarist, as well) than to be able to meet Mr. Winter! If I could arrange it, I would...but since I can't, we'll just have to hope he does another concert in our area so we can attend again...and rush out to the stage door before he gets a chance to disappear into the night again. Mr. Johnny Winter still Rocks...even if he's sitting down! NOBODY can do it like him. NOBODY!

Thanks for allowing me to input.

Deborah Miller

Germantown, MD

10 December 2001

Greetings. Wonderful site you have. Being a long time Johnny Winter fan myself, it refreshing to see new info I have not seen before. I was really annoyed when I read your guest book and saw the idiot insulting you. That is the problem with a site like this, morons tend to drift on. For some reason, I was under the impression that Floyd Radford had passed away. But I see here that he is alive and well! Has he recorded anything new? Anyway I just wanted to let you know how muched I liked your site. Thanks for the added info. Pat

21 Mar 2001


pd:si lo llegan a ver diganle que aca en Argentina lo estamos esperando,queremos escuchar buen rock and roll ok? muchas gracias

12 Dec 2000

Hello Johnny,

Be careful with a Fool.

I have been playing along with your records since I was a kid, Man you are full of heart and soul. I only wish I could get with you sometimes. I would love to see you and talk about the old days, maybe we could jam.

I saw you in Southern California and the sound that you had as a three piece was so full I could not believe it. I was so pumped I wanted to jump on that stage with you and bust it loose. The energy was lifting me to the roof!!!!!!!!1

I was playing myself in Waukegan, IL one weekend and you were in Chicago and our limo driver said he was going to try to get you at the club we were at after your show.

It never happened but I was kicking it out and playing some of your rifs in my solo's I really was hoping to see you and give you my guitar and watch you make it happen.

I am glad to see you are Still Alive and Well.


Orange Park Florida

26 Oct 2000



I was in the ticketmaster website viewing a concert date for Johnny Winter at the commodore ballroom in vancouver and clicked on ticket purchase only to find the show was cancelled.

This lead me to check your webpage and find out more as to what might be happening with him.I said a prayer for him.

I saw Johnny Winter at the pacific coliseum in vancouver back in the late 70`s.People gathered on the floor in small groups chatting and listening to the tunes on the pa.There was 2 guys and a girl sitting near me drinking tiguila and smoking nashish.I spoke to them briefly but the moment reminded me how straight i was for this concert.It was at a point i wanted to be.The concert started after 10 minutes.The house lights dimmed and Johnny Winter ran on stage in his red jacket sayng ,"are you ready to rock and roll?"The band started with Good Morning little school girl.The girl behind me passed out before the song was half way and i sort of made sure her 2 friends took her to a more comfortable resting place.His playing was excellent and his passion for the music ...well,he carried me away much like Alvin Lee did once with his guitar. I was surprised how well he could sing and he had great repore with his fans.It truly was a memorable concert.

Anyways ,I just thought id spin a tale for Johnny Winter.


19 Aug 2000

Good site on Johnny Winter. I used to live in Houston, TX when I was younger. I remember seeing Johnny at a music store in what was then called "Westbury Square", an english village style open air shopping mall of sorts. I didn't know him as a musician at the time, but readily recognized him later when he gained exposure/fame.

Fri, 26 May 2000 02:37:19 EDT

For all who care Johnny is the best damn Guitar player around no matter what he looked liked Yes he did look old and slow but it was Johnny winter there in front of us. I love Johnny Winter guitar playing he was on it and we dug the show

I remember the wolf and rissmiller country club show in the valley15 years ago i was there and Johnny jammed then and still does.

and like all others who were in shock of his frail body Johnny Winter has a spot in all of our hearts rock on Johnny Winter rock on

Johnny Winter fans keep in touch with

Wed, 24 May 2000 19:16:23 EDT

i hate to say this, but I saw Johnny Winter in Phoenix on 5/21/00 and have to agree with the Las Vegas and Florida posted concert reviews. His rocking back and forth (regardless of song tempo) is classic not so early Parkinson's; his voice is gone and he seemed oblivious to what's going on around him. He missed notes; he missed songs ending (although, to his credit, he played much better than he should have given his looks). He shuffled around like a 90 year old man. I don't do this to be cruel; it breaks my heart to see him like this. I left halfway thru the show; I really couldn't stand to see him like this. I've been a fan for almost 30 years. Anyone else know what's going on? god bless Johnny and the people who manage him; maybe its time to hang up the boots.

Tue, 23 May 2000 17:26:21 -0700

Sunday May 21, I went to see Johnny Winter in Phoenix, AZ. Johnny is about 56 years old but what happened to him!! He looked about a hundred years old and his set was horrible. Definitely not the fireball bluesplayer we love. I realize people get older but I never expected him to be in such bad shape. I felt really bad for him. We and other people made the best of it and enjoyed what few brights spots there were. His slide work was OK but everything else was picked about a half beat slower than the bass and drums. Can anyone tell me why he was delayed coming out that night and what happened to his health? Is he sick? He appeared very frail. Of course we cheered him on, we love Johnny!!!!!

Sun, 9 Apr 2000 01:11:22 -0500

we would like to think that we are one of your biggest fans we have a sunberst firebird all of your records and we loved your nyc live and if you send us a signed pickguard or we could send you ours. we aprichiate the time!why did you switch from the FIREBIRD?


Fri, 3 Mar 2000 22:46:34 EST

I am probably one of Johnny's biggest fans.I love Johnny as a person and a musican.He is part of my life and he is like a family member. I have seen Johnny live over fifty times. There have been many changes over the years for both of us,but that's life. I will always love Johnny and his music no matter what. I have seen every show at the Bottom line and a few in Conn. Yes there are some things I don't understand since his return. He seems to be more alert lately and not doing some things he cann't do at the present time. You should try to understand that Johhny had some personal problems recently and did not play guitar for a while. so yes he is building them chops up again and doing a great job at it. He is getting stronger at each show and smarter . and Teddy is agreat guy and Johhny knows that he is in good hands with Teddy.

Tim Verzi New York Rocks

7 Feb 2000

Hey I have listened to Johnny since I was 11 years old Johnny winter and.... Live all the alligator records got the point blank CD's always wanted to see him live I waited years for him to play a date close to Orlando so... I attended the House of Blues concert 02/05/2000 I couldn't wait to see this gig However as soon as he hit the stage some thing was a little off His speech was slurred/quiet his playing was slow I kept hoping he would get it together but it never happened All the people I convinced to go with me began to slander my hero it was a nightmare I was so down what is the deal???? He seemed so frail has he suffered a health setback was he wasted I need answers I love j w music what happened??????


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