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Introduction the Singles

This section of the "Johnny Winter Discography" contains all the singles ever produced with Johnny Winter.


Early recordings of singles where done at: Ken Ritter's KRCO Label (Beau-tex Music Co), Floyd Swallow's Jin Label, and Huey Meaux's Pacemaker label, Dart Records, KRCO, Frolic, Diamond, Goldband and Todd . Some of these sessions were recorded under pseudonyms like: Texas Guitar Slim, or under band names like: Black Plague, Johnny & the Jammers, The Crystaliers.

Johnny actually "cut his teeth" in Louisiana, and learned much from many of those artists. Johnny has always been kinda tightlipped on some of his real early session work, and understandably so. His guitarmanship with Burl Boykin, The Blues Kings, Elton Anderson and Margaret Lewis, shows some flaws. A rough lick here and there, as does some of his session work with Clarence Garlow. But it also shows is just how fast he became an accomplished guitarist. Most people think of 1962 as the earliest Johnny recordings, with the Jammer's 45 thrown in as a fluke for a 15 year old!

That was hardly the case. Johnny was already working as hard as he possibly could at 15. Roy Ames tried to lay claim to taking Johnny to sessions when he was that young. Johnny was using every avenue available to him to fine-tune his skill, and actually Roy came along well after Johnny had been recorded many times. Still, in later years, Roy tried to claim Johnny's earliest works as "his doing". Claiming tracks like Geisha Rock, or Ice Cube were recorded even prior to Johnny and the Jammers, by him.

Because of the huge amount of information available on Johnny Winter's Singles and EP's, the singles section has been split into several sections, click on the links below to access the individual sections with detailed information on each of the singles

Acetate Acetates are lacquer coated metal discs which were used to "cut" masters for records directly from the master tape. Then the metal disc is placed in a magnetic bath attracting metal particles which will become a negative of the sides, and become the stampers for the release. The acetate, being a positive can be played, but very few times without wearing the lacquer coating. "Easy Lovin' Girl", "Low Down Gal Of Mine", "Livin' in the Blues", "Kind Hearted Woman".
Akarma Records That's What Love Does / Shed So Many Tears
Atlantic Records Ken Ritter productions of: Eternally / You'll Be the Death of Me
Big Beat Records Johnny Winter and the Jammers: School Day Blues / You Know I Loved You
Blue Sky Records Raised on Rock / Pick up on my Mojo / Golden Olden Days of Rock & Roll / Soul Man / Let the Good Times Roll
Buddah Records Bad News / Out of Sight
Cardinal Records Johnny Winter on guitar with Billy Don in the early 60s
Cascade Records Johnny Winter's Band: The Great Believers: Coming up Fast Part I and Part II
Johnny WInter's Band: The Insight: Out of Sight / Please Come Home For Christmas
Charisma Records CD Singles: Please come home for Christmas / Johnny Guitar / Illustrated man
Clover Single(s) Johnny Winter recorded together with Burl Boykin
Columbia Records Tens of singles of Johnny Winter during his Columbia / Blue Sky Period
Dart and D Records Schoolday Blues, Love Come Back, Baby Don't Go
Diamond Records Johnny Winter's Band: "Guitar Slim" with "Broke and Lonely" / "Crying in my Heart ", Coastaleers with "Long Lonely Nights" / "Carl Caper " , Bobby Wheeler and the Coasteleers: Teardrops On Her Letter aka Tear Drops On Your Letter (Hank Ballard) / How Long - Diamond Jim (Edgar Winter on Sax)
Flip-Flop / How Long
EPIC Johnny Winter Rock 'n' Roll People / Raised on Rock
Frolic Records Steve Highfield and Johnny Winter: Avoid Me / I've Gotta Cry
Gangster of Love / Eternally / Gone for Bad / I won't Believe It / That's What Love Does / Shed So Many Tears / Voodoo Twist / Ease My Pain / Your Love / Dont Worry 'Bout Me
Junior Cole and Johnny Winter's Band: Go On
Jay Jay Johnson, Johnny Winter: Fanny Mae / Please Forgive Me
Goldband Records Jay Richards and the Blues Kings with Johnny and Edgar Winter as sidemen
GRT Records Gangster of Love / Roadrunner
Hall Records Rod Bernard with Johnny Winter on guitar and Edgar Winter on Sax
Hall-way Records Johnny Winter's Band: Neal and the Newcomers: Rockin Pneumonia / Reeling and Rocking. Jack Clement's "Time After Time After Time"
Impact Records Hey Little Girl Co-written by Johnny Winter
Imperial Records Rollin' and Tumblin' / Fourty-Four
Jin Records Ben Terrell and Johnny Winter's Band: How do you live a Lie / Golly Gee Junior Cole and Johnny Winter's Band: Coming Home / I Won't Cry
Ronnie Bennett and Johnny Winter's Band: Traveling Mood / A Dark Night A Lonely Street
Johnny WInter's Band: Texas Guitar Slim: Broke and Lonely / Crying in my Heart
KIM Records Bobby MIzzell's re-issue of Neal and the Newcomers
KRCO Records Johnny Winter and the Jammers Creepy / Oh My Darling and Johnny Winter and his Crystaliers: Hey Hey Hey / One Night Of Love
Liberty Records Rollin' and Tumblin' / Bad Luck and Trouble Mean Town Blues / Black Cat Bone / Forty Four
London Records Road Runner / The Guy You Left Behind
MGM Records Gone for Bad / I Won't Believe It
Moon-lite Records Texas Guitar Slim: Crazie Babie / Teardrops in my Heart
MSM Meaux Sound Memories Please come home for Christmas
New World Records Calvin Johnson with Johnny Winter: Lien on your Body / Unsatisfied Mind
Pacemaker Records Birds Can't Row Boats / Leavin' Blues
Parsim Records Steve Highfield with Johnny and Edgar Winter: Scandal / Stay by My Side
Play Back Records Stone County
Regard Records Gordon Baxter with Johnny Winter on Guitar
Savoy Records Gene Terry / Ronnie Dee and the Down Beats
Smash Records Dickie Lee with Johnny Winter: Patches / More or Less
Sonobeat Records Rollin and Tumblin / Mean Town Blues
Tecla Records Portugese picture sleeve release of Easy Lovin' Girl / My World Turns All
Thrill Records Jerry Jones with Johnny Winter's Band: Ice Cube / It's Almost Midnight
Todd Records The Guy You Left Behind / Road Runner
Universal Records The Traits with Johnny Winter: Somewhere / Harlem Shuffle / Parchman Farm / Tramp
Vee-Jay Records Jerry "Count" Jackson (Jerry Lacroix) with Johnny Winter: Come Back Baby / Falling in Love
Other Johnny Winter Recordings
EP Johnny Winter recordings available on Vinyl EP's
Picture Discs Johnny Winter Picture Discs

Unidentified and Demystified Singles

These are singles of Johnny Winter for which I am this missing detailed information, please email me if you have information and even scans of these singles

  • KTRM Rock b/w Cecil recorded by the 990's - Johnny Winter plays guitar on "KTRM Rock" only.
Acetates Akarma Records Atlantic Records
Big Beat Records Blue Sky Records
Buddah Records Cardinal Records  
Cascade Records Clover Records
Charisma Records Columbia Records Dart Records
Diamond Records
EPIC Frolic Records  
Goldband Records GRT Records  
Hall Records Hall-Way Records KIM Records
Impact Records    
Imperial Records Jin Records KRCO Records
Liberty Records London Records MGM Records
Moon-lite Records MSM (Meaux Sound Memories)  
  New-World Records Pacemaker Records
Parsim Records Play Back Records  
Regard Records  
Savoy Records Smash Records Sonobeat Records
Tecla Records    
Todd Records Thrill Records  
  Universal Records Vee-Jay Records
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