The Johnny Winter Story

Credits and special thanks

Special Thanks

The Johnny Winter Story website has been developed since 1993 with many contributions from people all over the world a Special Thanks to all the people below (and many others), without whom this site would not have been possible.


  • Johannes Pohl-Grund for some of the nice phots.
  • Seth Korpioh - for the pictures. Check Seth's site for some cool pictures of other great guitar players.
  • Francisco J R Silva

    For providing detailed track information for most of the the white (bootlegs)albums.

    As well as scanning the front and covers of several Johnny Winter albums.

    Please note that Fransisco does not like to be associated in any way with Tunnel Records.

    Visit Francisco extensive list of Johnny Winter recordings

  • Kay-Uwe Graw For providing correct tabs for "TV Mama", "Dallas" and "Evil on my mind" .
  • Fedor Romanenkofor the information on "Jack Daniels kind of day"
  • Bennett Reasor For the information on "Before the storm", as well as for the large scans of some of Johnny's albums.
  • Georg Maddisson For providing information on some of the albums for which I wasn't sure they are existed.
  • Francois Rousseau For the extensive information for the books and magazines information.
  • Al Spain For donation the Johnny Winter pictures shot September 21 at Park West in Clifton Park.
  • Gary Casper for sending the lyrics of songs.
  • Greg Tabor for writing down the lyrics of songs.
  • Philippe Derousseaux For the cover pictures of some rare albums
  • Gary Engle For the information on all the singles and for all the pictures he send.
  • Yu-Shio for donating a great Johnny Winter cartoon.
  • Pierre Paris for timeline and review information.
  • John B.Gladitsch for photos of several "Bottom Line" concerts.
  • Antonie Boetcher for priceless German magazine articles as well as many of the lyrics.
  • Daniel Czepelczaue for many and more of the German album reviews.
  • Jerome Surmont for adding even more missing information, and the fabulous scan of guitar magazine 1980.
  • Brad Wheeler for the fantastic photos of the 1994 Jacksonville concert.
  • Rick Bader for the pictures of the 1 Apr 1998 Bottom Line NYC concert.
  • Chris Jones for the guitar tabs.
  • Paul B, for the scans of the Johnny and the Jammers period.
  • John C Dodge for various bits and pieces for the timeline section.
  • Daniel Larsen for reviews of the first four Johnny Winter albums.
  • Bruce Vail for starting the song cover section.
  • Rene Aagaard, for some interesting singles and scans of the NME 1971 and various bits and pieces for the timeline sections.
  • Forbes Walker for keeping the material used for the "Winter Scene Fanzine" and to share it with us.
  • Paul Philips for two photos of concerts in Texas.
  • Ticket stub images courtesy of Rick Barrett.
  • J. Steppe Greyhound Blues Band (Hubert Becker) for the pics of the Loreley 1980 Concert
  • Stan Tribble for the information on Floyd Radford.
  • Frank Caccese - for all the setlists of the shows in the eighties.
  • Guillem Turon - for the information related to the Johnny Winter 2003 concert in Spain
  • Danilo for the information as well as the fantastic photos of Johnny Winter's performance in Pistoia, Italy 1988
  • Tom Richards for the additional information on very rare singles as well as scans of some rare albums as well as the scans of the album covers for which I have been looking for for years. Feel free to contact Tom for any questions related to Johnny Winter's Discography. A photo of Tom together with Johnny Winter
    Tom Richards with Johnny Winter
  • Sergio Almeida for the wonderful photos of the concert in Prague 2003 and his brother Silvio for submitting these
  • Helmut Rott for the 1983 ticket scan and additional information for the set lists
  • Ron MacDonald for the photographs of 1985 Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh, PA as well as for the Live photos July 2004
  • Mark Freeman for the post of Portland's Starry Night 1985
  • Nancy Allegood and Wolf Marshall for the copy of June 1995 Guitar Magazine
  • Wanny for the contributions coming from Japan
  • Robert Reeder for the information on the period during the sixties
  • Dave Russell for the information on the period of the sixties
  • Yvon Serre for tour dates of 1974
  • Peter Knoetner for the concert photos on Johnny Winter in Germany 1987
  • Philippe Huguenin for the wonderful Magazine Photos and scans
  • Cees for his huge collection of magazine scans
  • David Roberson for the May 2006 concert review
  • Greg Clark for the photos from the August 2006 Blues Festival
  • Ralph Kaukel for the scans of the ticket stubs of Johnny Winter concerts in Stuttgart during the 80's and 90's
  • Bert Gangl - for the additional events and evidence pictures in the timeline 1977
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