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Johnny Winter Re-united with Rick Derringer and Edgar Winter

Johnny Winter in 2005

In 2005 Johnny Winter's long-time manager: Teddy Slatus passes away

At the end of the yeat 2995 Johnny and Edgar Winter return to Beaumont to perform together on the Texas Food Benefit concert


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In 11-17 November 2005 Johnny and Edgar Winter return to Beaumont

Winter boys returning to Beaumont "Still Alive and Well"

By Melissa Tilley

The "Still Alive and Well Homecoming Benefit" will be the first time that Johnny and Edgar Winter have performed together for the public since the 1980s. The brothers showed an intense interest in music and began their music careers together at an early age, playing local radio and television shows in Beaumont.

Just in time to get Southeast Texans' spirits back up after Hurricane Rita, American musical icons Johnny and Edgar Winter will return home to Beaumont for a long awaited reunion and homecoming benefit at the Beaumont Civic Center on Thursday, Nov. 17.

"The Winter boys are having a party and you all are invited," said Edgar Winter in a telephone interview from his home in Beverly Hills. "Beau-mont is where we grew up and we are excited to return."

The "Still Alive and Well Home-coming Benefit" will be the first time that the Winters have performed together for the public since the 1980s.

"Johnny is my all-time musical hero," said Edgar. "I can't wait to get on that stage with him."

The brothers grew up with musical influences from their mother and father as well as the Beaumont community.

"Our father played guitar and banjo and showed us how to play chords on them," said Edgar. "And our mother played classical piano. We have wonderful memories of playing music with them." Edgar said his interest in music began at four years of age, and was mostly self-taught. In 1959, Johnny, 15, and Edgar, 12, formed their first band, called "Johnny and the Jammers", which took on the Beaumont music scene.

Edgar recalls some of the many venues in Southeast Texas that they brought their performance to: the Red Lion, Yvonne's, the Continental, the Black Cat and St. Mark's Episcopal Church, as well as The Uncle Willie Radio Show and Don Mahoney's television show. "I never understood how special the music scene in Beaumont was and how great the local players were until I moved to New York and started playing internationally," said Edgar. "Music in Texas is real and has a personality all its own. There are so many sounds, like blues, country and western, hot Latin, Cajun-influenced and so many others. The sophistica- tion of it all is amazing."

After jamming with various other bands, Johnny's big break came in 1968 when Rolling Stone magazine featured him in a piece on the Texas music scene. After a bidding war by several labels, he received a record deal with Columbia Records. In 1969, with his blues trio, his self-titled first album was released.

Throughout the next 30-plus albums, while becoming a legendary guitarist, Johnny kept fans intrigued and entertained as he constantly shifted from country blues to electric slide guitar blues-rock sounds. Johnny's latest album, the Grammy nominated "I'm a Bluesman," continues to amaze fans and critics. Johnny has been described as "one of the most respected singers and guitar players in rock and the clear link between British blues-rock and American Southern rock."

Johnny's hits include "Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo," "Still Alive and Well," "Silver Train," "Hustled Down in Texas," and "It's My Own Fault."

Johnny also produced and played guitar on the Grammy-winning "Hard Again" (1977) and Grammy-nominated "I'm Ready" (1978) albums of his idol, Muddy Waters.

Johnny is currently on a national tour introducing fans to "I'm a Bluesman" through May 2006.

After playing on all of Johnny's early records, Edgar took his own path. In 1970, Edgar was signed to Epic Records and recorded "Entrance," which featured himself on most instruments. He followed that venture with two hit albums with his group White Trash.

"White Trash was a reunion of a group of boys that I grew up with," said Edgar. The group enjoyed success with 1971's "Edgar Winter's White Trash" and 1972's gold album "Roadwork." Later in 1972, the group disbanded and Edgar formed The Edgar Winter Group. With this group, he created such hits as "Frankenstein," which rose to number one on the Billboard charts, and the everpopular "Free Ride." Edgar's 1973 album "They Only Come Out at Night" was certified double platinum in 1986. With more than 20 albums and numerous collaborative efforts, Edgar found another entertainment outlet to explore — television and film. He appeared in the film "Netherworld" as well as on several television shows. In addition, Edgar's music can be heard in no fewer than 15 film and television projects, including a remake of his hauntingly beautiful song "Dying to Live" that was produced by Eminem and is featured as "Runnin" in the film "Tupac Resurrection."

Edgar has been described as innovative in his ways of synthesizing the rock, blues and jazz melodies in his head. His fans expect the unexpected with each new album and perform- ance. After both achieving great success

Edgar expressed his great love for the saxophone and jazz music to explain his choices in sound. He remains on the cutting edge of music and style.Naming the concert "The Still Alive and Well Homecoming Benefit" seemed appropriate for the Winters."We wanted to express sentiment for coming back to Beaumont," said Edgar. The name is also the title of Johnny's 1973 album.

"We try to come back to Beaumont a couple times a year," said Edgar. He added that his mother still lives in Beaumont as well as many friends

As for what to expect from the Winter brothers' reunion performanceon Nov. 17, Edgar exclaims: "Beaumont, get ready for a rockin' good time!" Tickets for The Still Alive and Well Homecoming Benefit are $20 each in advance and $25 each the day of the show and are available at the Beau- mont Civic Center box office, all Ticketmaster outlets, charge by phonat (409) 833-7747 or go to

All net proceeds from The Still Alive and Well Homecoming Bene- fit will be donated to the Southeast Texas Food Bank to help them

17 November 2005 Johnny & Edgar Winter inducted into the Southeast Texas "Walk Of Fame"

Johnny & Edgar Winter inducted into the Southeast Texas "Walk Of Fame" On November 17th 2005, the Southeast Texas Walk Of Fame honored and inducted Johnny Winter and Edgar Winter into the Southeast Texas "Walk of Fame" at Ford Park in Beaumont, Texas for their contribution to music and career accomplishments. They were awarded the key to the city by the Mayor and County Judge. At this special presentation, Jefferson County officials unveiled a 2X2 Cement block with each Artists name on them. Johnny and Edgar Winter will be the third and fourth inductees. Mark Chesnutt and Tracy Byrd were the first inductees into the Southeast Texas "Walk of Fame". Janis Joplin is scheduled to be the fifth inductee on December 2nd.


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