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Johnny Winter Jacksonville 25 Jan 1994

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Tuesday, 25 January 1994: "5 Points", Jacksonville.

Johnny Winter Jacksonville 25 Jan 1994
Johnny Winter Jacksonville 25 Jan 1994

Saturday, 2 April 1994: The Main Event, Toledo Ohio. Johnny Winter.

1 Mar 1994 - Guitar Player -

Five re-releases: It doesn't matter what cast or what arrangement - the white man plays the blues. And this - like always - from the deepest grounds of his soul. Winter's originals can stand beside the tastefully interpreted covers; his fluid guitar style is anyways far beyond any doubt. While SAINTS AND SINNERS (****) has got some mellow soul sounds, JOHN DAWSON WINTER III (****), also released in 1974, is dominated by straight rock 'n' roll. The albino is here also absolutely in his elements. The overwhelming live album TOGETHER (*****) - recorded in 1976 with keyboard brother Edgar Winter - links both genres with exuberant intensity and playing fun. Especially to emphasize is the soulful interpretation of the classic "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'". Two years later, WHITE, HOT & BLUE (*****) came out without any horns and background singers. Blues of the very best manner - dry, cut down to the essential. Just as good, but with some more stylistic variations is RAISIN' CAIN (*****) from 1980: strong bluesrock, and Dylan's Like A Rolling Stone performed with the power of Hendrix.

Muddy's Blues taught by Johnny Winter.


Monday, 14 March 1994: Coyote's, Louisville, Kentucky

This performance (2 hours +) is in the midway, between the "old days" (1969-1993) and the "new days" (from 1996 on). Johnny then is a 50 years old lord, his playing & singing are still masterful but in a slower speed, although faster and much better than on the "new" shows (from 1996 on). Tom Compton & Jeff Ganz are excellent, as always. Actually it's a fine performance overall, with the exception of the "love light medley" which is SUPERB, with 25 minutes of the "old" magic and fluency. This is the last show of the "Jeff Ganz era" that has surfaced till now. And, I hate to admit, it marks the end of a golden era, in its 25 years jubilee.

BRQ - Blues Revue Quartely , Spring 1994

Blues Revue Quaterly with Johnny Winter on the Front Cover. BRQ's Slide Issue Featuring: Elmore James, Lil'Ed Williams, Dave Hole, G.G. Snakeboy, and the 1994 Ultimate Rhythm & Blues Cruise Johnny Winter

Blues Revue Quaterly with Johnny Winter on the Front Cover


Thursday, 31 March 1994: Big Dogs', Iowa

  1. Sen-sa-shun
  2. She likes to boogie real low
  3. Sick & tired
  4. You keep saying that you're leaving
  5. White line blues
  6. Sky is crying
  7. Medley: Turn on your love light / happy birthday to Tom Compton / Fast life rider
  8. Last night (first encore)
  9. Illustrated man (second encore)


Good Times (Germany), Sep 1994

Short article on Johnny WInter to celebrate his 50th anniversary

ME/SOUNDS Sep 1994

For the 25 years anniversary the "3 days of peace and music" are offered concentrated in a packet: Probably meant to get the taste is BEST OF WOODSTOCK (***), which compiles the highlights of the original record sets. The originals are re-released digitally remastered: the triple pack WOODSTOCK and the double pack WOODSTOCK II (****) come in their original form for the first time on CD. With a 32 page booklet, deluxe box and at least four CDs is WOODSTOCK - 25TH ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION (******) not only a highlight for aged flower children: The partly superbe appearances by Creedence Clearwater Revival, Janis Joplin, Johnny Winter and The Band, which haven't been released for legal reasons, complete the known recordings. For those to who this package is too expensive the above mentioned treasures are also delivered as a single disc as WOODSTOCK - LOST PERFORMANCES (*****).


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