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Johnny Winter Timeline 1981

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Johnny and Sonny Terry record Whoopin, as nobody is interested in releasing this album, Johnny creates his own label: "Mad Albino". Uncle John Turner re-unites with Johnny Winter for a mini-tour.

Friday, 27 February 1981: Capitol Theater, Passaic

Saturday, 28 February 1981: Emerald City, Cherry Hill NJ

  1. Hideaway
  2. V-8 Ford Blues
  3. Walking By Myself
  4. Ooh Poo Pah Doo
  5. Johnny B Goode
  6. Evil Hearted Woman
  7. Rollin' And Tumblin'
  8. It's All Over Now
  9. Wildwood Flower
  10. Back at the Chicken Shack,Ending Instrumentals

Richard Hughes is back on Drums!

Sunday, 8 March 1981: The Ritz, New York City

  1. Intro
  2. Hideaway
  3. The crawl
  4. No time to live
  5. No money down
  6. Bony moronie
  7. Kind hearted woman
  8. Highway 61 revisited
  9. Jumpin' jack flash
  10. Rock'n'roll hoochie koo
  11. Mean mistreater
  12. It's all over now
  13. Back at chicken shack [with band member presentation]
  14. Wildwood flower

comment: "Glad to be back home" as Johnny says, reveal the intimacy with the crowd, in a relaxed performance. Richard Hughes on drums

Thursday, 12 March 1981: Painters Mill Star Theater, Owings Mill MD

  1. Hideaway
  2. The Crawl
  3. No Money Down
  4. Last Night
  5. Johnny B Goode
  6. Highway 61
  7. Rollin' And Tumblin'
  8. Rock Me Baby
  9. Thirty Days
  10. Ending Instrumental
Photo of Johnny Winter in 1981


Saturday, 28 March 1981: Beacon Theatre New York (with Muddy Waters)

Illinois Entertainer, May 1981

Cover: Muddy Waters : Chicago's embassador of the blues & another article Winter Meets Waters


Tuesday 4 August 1981 Chicago Blues Festival

The late Muddy Waters was one of the finest and most influential blues performers of all time -- just ask The Rolling Stones, who took their name from one of his songs. On video of this concert, Muddy was captured in fine form onstage at the Chicago Blues Festival, with friend and collaborator Johnny Winter sitting in on guitar; songs include Mannish Boy and I'm A King Bee.



Wednesday, 19 August 1981: Pier NYC, special guest Sonny Terry

  1. Hideaway
  2. Messing with the kid
  3. Mississippi blues/blues jam
  4. The crawl
  5. Johnny be goode
  6. Rock&roll hoochie koo
  7. I got the blues with Sonny Terry
  8. Sonny oh wa with Sonny Terry
  9. To the bud of day with Sonny Terry
  10. Roll me baby with Sonny Terry
  11. Jumpin' Jack Flash


Johnny Winter in September 1981

Thursday, 10 September 1981: Country Club, Resada, California

  1. Hideaway
  2. Messing with the kid
  3. Mississipi blues
  4. Bony Moronie
  5. Leaving blues
  6. Come on in my kitchen
  7. Jumpin' jack flash
  8. Instrumental
  9. Johnny B. Goode
  10. Hey joe

Sunday, 13 September 1981: Old Waldorf/San Francisco, CA

Johnny Winter at the Old Waldorf/San Francisco, Uncle John Turner remembers: Catfish Hodge on guitar, Bob Hodge's brother Dallas Hodge and the bass player's name is Campbell; I think his first name was Chris. they are from Detroit. The place was San Francisco and it was 1981. The club was in the top of a downtown building and it was Bill Graham's place. We were in the middle of a little mini-tour. I think the bassist was in the Bob Seger band at the time. A bootleg recording of this concert was released at "The Lost Show"

Johnny Winter Old Waldorf San Francisco Oct 1982
Johnny Winter Old Waldorf San Francisco Oct 198
Johnny Winter Old Waldorf San Francisco Oct 198
Johnny Winter Old Waldorf San Francisco Oct 198
Johnny Winter Old Waldorf San Francisco Oct 198
  1. Hideaway
  2. Blues with a feeling (Little Walter song - a wonderful rendition!)
  3. Unknown
  4. Susie Q
  5. Band introduction (Dallas Hodge on guitar; "someone" Campbell on bass; Uncle Jon Turner drums) killing floor
  6. Mississipi blues
  7. All tore down (Freddy King song)
  8. Johnny B. Goode
  9. Come on in my kitchen
  10. Highway 61 revisited

Monday, 21 September 1981: Re-unites with "Uncle" John Turner at the Tower Theatre in Houston.

Tuesday, 22 September 1981 at The Agora in Dallas

Wednesday, 23 September 1981: Austin Opera House in Austin, Texas.

Johnny Winter was the headlining act with special guest Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble.

Stevie Ray and Double Trouble

Thursday, 24 September 1981 St Martinville, Louisiana

Friday, 25 September 1981 at The Lighthouse in Beaumont, Texas

Texas Monthly, December 1981

Article: Rockers, Kickers, & Hepcats - mentions Johnny Winter produced Sonny Terry

Creem, 1981

Rock'n'Roll Calendar & Datebook shows month with Johnny's birthday

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