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Johnny Winter Timeline 1970

In May 1970 starts with the first European tour of Johnny, Uncle and Tommy. 1970 is an interesting year in the life of Johnny Winter. Whereas it's commonly accepted that he decided to go off in a different direction with his music,

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On co-lead guitar, there was Rick Derringer. Derringer, whose real name was Rick Zehringer, would also contribute by way of vocals, song writing and producing: he had changed his name just prior to joining the band. His brother, Randy Zehringer, who now went by Randy Z, played drums while Randy Jo Hobbs played bass and sang background vocals. Johnny played guitar.

"Second Winter" makes US #55, "Johnny Be Goode" peaks at US #92.

Saturday 7 February Dog Races at Fitchburg: Johnny Winter

Bath Rock Festival - England

Johnny had in the early 80's a nice full page photo used as an advertisement for then starting string company Dean Markley.

Johnny was used to sell D'Addario strings : Guitar Slinger type of photo first and now a painted Johnny playing his National. This last one is full page.

Guitar Player were used to have albums publicity from Columbia.


Rolling Stone Magazine , 1970

"Johnny Winter: On Music, Hype & Happiness" (4 pgs)

Thursday 29 January 1970 Fitchburg Sentinel

On Saturday, Feb. 7, In addition to the first day of the sled dog races, which will be run from 10:00 a.m. to approximately 4:30 p.m., a mow sculpture contest judgng and coffee house (lower evel of the college union) will be held in the afternoon followed by banquet: for couples at 6:30 p.m. in the dining hall, and a concert in the field house at 8:30 p.m. featuring Johnny Winter. -

Guitar Player, Feb 1970

The Pros. Article about picks of pro players : Mickey Backer, Eric Clapton and Johnny Winter.


18 February 1970 Mass Media

Blues View by Sherman Rubin

Party scene anywhere hair grows long: "Yeah, I dig the blues, that Eddie Clampton really gets it on, he's the heaviest, dynamite mother there is." Well, how about that? That's the blues? That's 1969 white "hip" talkin' to ya. White "hip" has never quite come out of the white (into the dark). Years, ago he dug the "blues" of Mildred Bailey and even Sophie Tucker, that's ok, to each his own. But, that leaves to chance the lives of far too many black musicians who still play for pennies in places like Chicago's South and West sides, who don't even get credit for giving America a music that infiltrates even the Pepsi Generation's whitest of white institutions, the television commercial.

(Dig the melody behind the old "you get a lot to like with a Marlboro" ad!) Chess Records is a blues company. In its vaults are recordings by Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Sonny Boy Williamson, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, etc., etc. Not a child of the post-war baby-boom among them. All of them spent time living in Chicago's nineteen forties and fifties Blues incubator, the birthplace of city blues. It is too easily forgotten that much of the music that has been miscarried upon us since them (most notably in the 60's would not even have been given the opportunity of conception without the organ of Chicago, and that modern blues possibly wouldn't have grown without the pioneering of Muddy Waters.

His many bands listed personnel including Willie Dixon, Otis Spann, Fred Below, Jimmy Gotten, Little Walter, S. P. Leary, Francis Clay, Sam Lawhorne, George Smith and the great James A. Lane who comes to us as Jimmy Roger The liner notes tell us that Jimmy was in Chicago by 1945, soon started working with Little Walter, Sunnyland Slim and Baby Leroy Foster and joined Muddy in 1949. He played guitar with Muddy's band for eight years and retired to Chicago's West side in 1959. This album (long-awaited, little of Jimmy's work is available except for scattered cuts on Chess's Blues Volumes series and early Waters sides) contains 14 tunes recorded between 1950 and 1956. .

They range from good to incredible. All, however, are better than the pre-puberty mutterings of Johnny Winter, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck and friends, (that goes without question) Included are Jimmy's most well-known tune "That's Alright" and the gem : "Walking By Myself" (recently given an interesting treatment by Paul Butterfield, one of the few REAL white bluesmen). There's lots of Little Walter's wonderfuK harmonica on this album as well as some fine work by the lesser known Big Walter Horton. The always welcome Muddy Waters'. guitar is heard on five cuts, aS personnel is listed in detail, on the album jacket. Chicago Blues, when it comes from Chicago is, if nothing else, real.

It has not been shaped by a world of Fillmpre's East and West, Suburban swimming pool bliss or Plastic Onos. I strongly advise that you don't run out and buy this collector's item unless you vomit at the sound of a Kooper Session, chuckle when you hear that this or that new young discovery has truly, "lived the blues" or feel more than a little sad when you realize that Muddy Waters can't possibly live as long as you and I. We're all awfully young you know.

21 February 1970: Melody Maker (UK)

Monday 23 February 1970 The Capital Times

7:00 — Radio Free Madison ~ Progressive rock and jazz with Johnny Winter and Peter , Paul and Mary WIBA-PM.

Thursday, 26 and 27 February 1970: Jack Bruce and Friends, Fillmore West, San Francisco

The list of "Friends" included: Larry Coryell, Mike Mandel & Mitch Mitchell

Johnny Winter Winterland 1970

Guitar Player, Mar 1970

Story of Johnny Winter (one page). He was starting to become popular.


Saturday, 7 March 1970: The Olympic Auditorium Los Angeles, CA with Edgar Winter

This concert of Johnny Winter is available on the bootleg "Plays The Olympic Auditorium",

  1. Johnny Winter - Guitar Vocals
  2. Edgar Winter - Sax, Electric Piano, Vocals
  3. Uncle John Turner - drums
  4. Tommy Shannon - bass
  1. Talk To Your Daughter
  2. Mean Mistreater
  3. Johnny B. Goode
  4. Tobacco Road
  5. Double Drum Solo (Frankenstein)
  6. Tell The Truth
  7. Mean Town Blues

Monday 9 March 1970 Los Angeles Times

Graham Sets Rock Series at Olympic

Bill Graham the controversial impresario behind San Francisco Fillmore West and New York's Fillmore East, has been called more names than there is room to print, though most of them are unprintable anyway. But neither he nor his rock shows have been called dull. Because of his fiery temper (he once got in a fight with the Rolling Stones' road manager on stage), his enormous success as a promoter and his unabashed flair for dramatics, Graham has been labeled everything from the David Merrick of rock to an out-and-out money-grubber. Now that the two Fillmores are doing well, Graham has turned his eyes toward Los Angeles and the local rock scene may never be the same.

He has scheduled a series of rock concerts at the Olympic Auditorium. The first one, last Saturday night, featured Frank Zappa, Johnny Winter and Mountain. The next one, due March 21, is headlined by Quicksilver Messenger Service, Smith and 10 Years After. Sitting in a Sunset Blvd. office, Graham said he feels Los Angeles is a good market for a Fillmore type operation. "There should be a lot more going on here than there is now," he said. "What you have is a few promoters who wait for the top acts to come to town, then bid $40,000 for them and rent an arena. "There needs to be more creativity. You need to mix different acts, provide opportunity for new groups to be heard.

We have brought acts into the Fillmore that never played rock clubs before, people like Count Basie, Roland Kirk, Buck Owens, Willie Bobo, Buddy Rich. "We think we have been a plus.for San Francisco. We think the Fillmore has been a good thing for artists, for us and for the audience. That doesn't mean we are coming down here as missionaries. We're businessmen." Here From Germany Graham, who came to the United States from his native Germany in 1941, opened the Fillmore West in 1965, the Fillmore East later. Over the years, the clubs have featured rock's biggest stars. No other clubs have as much influence. They are what the Palace was to vaudeville and the Apollo was to soul.

The important thing in the Fillmore operation, Graham maintains, is the booking policy. Normally, the bills consist of three or four acts that are mixed together with uncanny skill. The acts are matched for compatibility rather than just pulled at random from the hit parade. "You don't want, all the same kind of acts on one bill," he said. "If you book Chicago as a headliner, you don't want 'Son of Chicago' as the second act because they will both he drawing the same people into the auditorium. You want the second act to be different but compatible so that it will draw some additional people into the room but not bore fans who came to see the main act. You wouldn't mix Chicago with, say, Blue Cheer "

Like most rock promoters, Graham has come in for his share of money grabbing complaints from those who would like to see admission prices lowered or eliminated. Graham, who is irresistibly frank, bristles at the charges. Bill Graham Lot of Talk "We have a lot of talk about love and happiness," he said. "I believe in that. I also believe in giving the public a good show. It costs money to do that. People are always coming up to me, waving their fists at me and saying I'm charging too much. We charge $3.50 top in San Francisco. That's the lowest price for a top concert you'll find anywhere in the country. They never point their fingers at the artists who charge me $10,000 a night.

I'll be glad to lower my price if the artists lower theirs." To succeed in Los Angeles, Graham may have to pull some of the talent away from local promoters. It will be hard because Concert Associates and Sight and Sound are excellent firms. "We will call agents and ask if the groups are available. We have worked with lots of groups. We have good track records. We think we have a lot to offer the groups. But we're not ambulance chasers. If the groups are satisfied with the local promoters, we won't threaten them by saying they have to switch to us if they want to play the Fillmores."

Graham, who now heads his own record label (Fillmore) and booking agency, is interested in branching out into films and other areas.

Thursday, 12 March 1970: Panther Hall, Fort Worth.,

The Brotherhood and Associated Disciples of Live present: Johnny Winter with special Guest: Blue Cheer

Johnny Winter 12 March 1970

22 March 1970, Labor Temple in Minneapolisa

Labor Temple in Minneapolis

22 March 1970 The ADA Sunday News

The ADA Sunday news previews the "Southwest 70 Peace Festival" scheduled at Lubbock

DICKENS, Tex. (AP) — This town where hard rock is only noise and the tuneful laments of the lonesome cowboy are music is shoring up its defenses against an invasion of maybe: 30,000 youngsters strange to West Texas eyes. Unauthenticated reports circulate of plans for roving armed patrols by the citizens, a sellout of weapons and barricaded homes. "I don't think that's true," said County Judge Martin Pope. . "I must confess that everyone is quite worried but it hasn't', reached that point yet." I Still, said the judge, "We don't want this thing here." The thing is a rock festival. Dickens has a population of 400. Promoters of what they call

"Southwest 70 Peace Festival" say they expect 25.000 to 30,000 to pour into the place this coming weekend. Nearest city is Lubbock. 62 miles to the west. Guthrie, pop. 190. is 31 miles east. The population of this cattle and farming region envisions an invasion of long-haired, pot-smoking hippies and scenes of confusion, death and freakouts such as occurred at other mammonth rock festivals at Woodstock, N.Y., and Lewisville, Tex. combined with all sorts of health problems. As at Woodstock and Lewisville, traffic can't be anything, but chaotic. The 32-acre site is four miles up a narrow farm-to-market road leading off U.S. 82. Already, say state police, rock music fans are moving in and setting up camp.

Some of the best bands will be here like the Canned Heat, the Byrds, The Zephyr, the Joe Kelly Blues Band, Muddy Waters, the Bangor Flying Circus. Johnny Winter. Sweetwater, Blood Rock and the Beasts. "The people here still resent this thing very, very much. There is a great deal of concern over it." said Judge Pope. The judge said citizens groups have met to see if they can stop it. "It appears our hands are tied so far as legislation against such a gathering is concerned," he said. He added. "There isn't any panic but we're extremely upset over this thing. We've been tell-ing our people to just stay home and off the streets while this thing is going on."

Promoter of the event, which costs a $13.50 fee for March 26, 27 and 28, is Atlantic Productions of Lubbock. Robert Gamble of Atlantis said the youths want no trouble and hopes they will be left alone "to do our thing." Said Gamble, "We don't want any drug abuse or pot smoking but I know there will probably be some. We are cooperating with the Texas Highway Patrol and plan to have Red Cross authorities on hand." Gamble said there will be 150 portable toilets and two restroom buildings. Although it is called a peace festival, there will be no speeches, said Gamble. "We want peace like everyone else but there are no demonstrations planned," he said.

The sponsors' handbills blanketing the Southwest carry words of warning and of hope: Bring a blanket—cool nights. Bring a jug of water. Watch for road signs. God loves you. Dickens is set to do its own thing at dawn the morning after the last thumps on the rhythm guitar and the lead guitar and the final shout of the boy at the microphone. "We're planning an Easter sunrise service Sunday," said the judge, sounding as if he ex-pects Dickens may need some such solace.

23 March 1970 The Galvestone Daily News

Farmer fights rock festival

DICKENS, Tex. (AP) - A farmer who claims he already has under lease land rented for the Southwest 70 Peace Festival goes to court Monday in an effort to halt the controversial musical event. T. J. Conway, : who operates the 32 acres, 14 miles northeast of this Texas plains town, said he misunderstood the terms of a verbal agreement made with a lawyer at Lubbock, Tex. The farmer seeks a temporary restraining order in 110th District Court here. District Judge Pat S. Moore indicated she would rule Monday. The schedule calls for the festival lo begin Thursday. Promoters of the festival repeatedly have said they expecl no trouble at the three-day event.

But Dickens residents, at least many of them, feel differently. "We don't want this thing here," County Judge Martin Pope said Saturday. "The people here resent this thing very.. very much "There isn't any panic, but we're extremely upset over this thing. 'We've been telling our people to just stay home and off the streets while this thing is going on," Mostly the 400 residents of Dickens,.62 miles east of Lubbock, envision an invation of long-haired, pot-smoking hippies and various health problems. Rock, music fans, state police said, were moving in and setting up camp Sunday-near the site, four miles up a narrow farm road leads off U.S. 82.

Robert Gamble of Atlantis Productions in Lubbock, said the young people want no " trouble but want to be left alone "to do our thing." "I know there will probably be some," he said of drug abuse and marijuana smoking, "but we don't want any of it." He said his firm was "cooperating with state police and plan to have Red Cross authorities on hand."' Gamble said some of the bands that will appear for the festival include Canned Heat, the Beasts, Blood Rock, the Byrds, the Zephyr, the Joe Kelly Blues Band, Muddy Water, the Bangor Flying Circus, Johnny Winter and Sweetwater. The festival first was planned for Lubbock but moved here when the promoters could find no site near the larger city.


Wednesday 25 March 1970 El Paso Herald Post

An advertisement announcing the "Southwesu '70 Peace Festival". Tblsbhis ad is also published on teh 27th March in the same newspaper.

27,28 and 29 March 1970, Winter's End, Miami, Florida

A poster announcing the Winter's End Festival in Florida

26, 27, 28 March Southwest '70 Peace Festival , Lubbock Texas

The organisation of this "Peace" festival encountered a lot of resistance of the people and neighbours of the original location. This because the people were afraid of the noise and abuse of alcohol and drugs.

Johnny Winter, Vanilla Fudge, Muddy Waters, Canned Heat, The Flock, Truth, Joe Kelly Blues Band, Zephyr, Blue Mountain Eagle, Sweetwater, Delaney Bonnie and Friends, The Bangor Flying Circus, The Beast and Others


Johnny Winter in April 1970


Saturday 4 April 1970: Commodore Ballroom, Lowell, Mass : Johnny WInter and the Spectras

Advance Tickets $4 1 to 5 p.m. next Fri. & Sat. Commodore Box Office same price at door


Friday & Saturday 10-11 Apr 1970, Howard Stein's Capitol Theatre in Port Chester

Howard Stein's Capitol Theatre in Post Chester: The Sound is Crystal, The Lighting Subtile, Breathe Free, Come to Port Chester

Concert dates at Howard Stein's Capitol Theatre include

  • 3 & 4 April 1970 Ten Years After, Stone the Crows
  • 10 & 11 April 1970 Johnny Winter, Taj Mahal
  • 22 April 1970 Pink Floyd
  • 24 & 25 April 1970 John Mayall , Blodwyn Pig
  • 1 & 2nd May 1970 Savoy Brown, James Gang
  • 8 & 9 May 1970 Joe Cocker accompanied by Mad Dogs and Englishmen
  • 15 & 16 May 1970 James Taylor
Two different posters of the 1970 Atlanta Arena announcing Johnny Winter
Howard Stein's Capitol Theatre Concert Poster

Sunday 12 Apr 1970, Sport Arena, Atlanta

Johnny Winter Sports Arena Atlanta 12 Apr 1970



Friday, 17 April 1970 - Royal Albert Hall, London with Flock and Steamhammer.

CBS Records in association with Robert Paterson presents two great contemporary rock concerts, "The Sound of the 70'S"

This concert of Johnny Winter at the Royal Albert Hall in 1970 has been filmed and is released on the DVD "Legends of Rock". The audio recording of this concert of Johnny Winter at the Royal Albert Hall will be released together with the expanded edition of the album: "Second Winter".

In April 1970 Johmny Winter starts his first European tour together with "Uncle" John Turner on drums and Tommy Shannon on Bass. During this European tour he plays what looks like an Epiphone Wilshire Guitar and Orange stacked amplifier.

Johnny Winter Royal Albert Hall London April 1970
  • Friday 17 April 1970 19:30: Steamhammer, Flock, Johnny Winter
  • Saturday 18 April 1970 19:30: Taj Mahal, It's a Beautiful Day, Santana
    Johnny Winter's Setlist:
  1. Help Me
  2. Johnny B. Goode
  3. Mama Talk To Your Daughter
  4. It's My Own Fault
  5. Black Cat Bone
  6. Mean Town Blues
  7. Tobacco Road
  8. Frankenstein
  9. Tell The Truth


Saturday 18 April 1970: Beat Club (Germany)

Date: Saturday 18 April 1970
Director: Bob Rooijens, Producer: Michael Leckebush.
Band: Johnny Winter, Edgar Winter, Tommy Shannon, Uncle John Turner.
Highlights: Johnny B. Goode, Mean Town Blues, Tobacco Road.

During the late 60's early 70's the German Telvvision had a very popular TV-program, which was focused on Rock-, the TV programs were called Beat Club and Musikladen. Some of the Johnny Winter performances in the early 70s are available on compilation videos and DVD's of these TV shows

Johnny Be Goode of this TV-Show is available on the DVD "Rock Icons Guitar Gods"

Mean Town Blues of this TV-show is available on the laserdisc Beat Club - American Rock Stars as well as on the Musik Laden DVD's.

Beatclub TV-show, Radio Bremen, Germany. Parts of this TV show are available on various Laserdiscs and DVD

Beat-Club: American Rock

A Japanese Laser Disc compilation album of the German TV Show BeatClub with the following performances

  1. Steppenwolf - Rock Me
  2. Johnny Winter - Mean Town Blues
  3. Canned Heat - Let's Work Together
  4. Steve Miller Band - Jackson Kent Blues
  5. Redbone - Witch Queen of New Orleans
  6. Pacific Gas and Electric - Are you ready?
  7. The Byrds - Chestnut Mare
  8. Richie Havens - Here comes the sun
  9. Joe South - Games People Play
  10. Melanie - Animal Crackrs
  11. Three Dog Night - Try A Little Tenderness

Producer and Director: Michael Leckebusch, released on Pioneer LDC SM045-3486 CLV, NTSC Mono


Johnny Winter American Rock Compilation Laserdisc Johnny Winter American Rock Compilation Laserdisc


  • Best of Musikladen DVD This DVD of the popular German TV-show MusikLaden, includes: five classic acts performed for the German TV audience. Deep Purple, "Highway Star;" Jethro Tull, "With You There to Help Me;" Joe Walsh & The James Gang, "Walk Away;" Johnny Winter, "Mean Town Blues;" Santana, "Black Magic Woman.
  • Best of Musikladen 1970-1983 Vol 12 DVD This DVD of the Musikladen TV-show contains the movie clip of Johnny Winter performing Johnny B. Goode

Vintage photo of Johnny Winter, Tommy Shannon and "Uncle" John Turner, this photo was probable taken while touring in Germany (or France)



22 April 1970 Roundhouse, London, England

Juicy Lucy , Johnny Winter, Quintessence


24 April 1970: La Rose D'Or - Golden Rose of 1970 Montreux

Johnny Winter and many other bands performed at the 10th Anniversy of the Golden Rose of Montreux (Switzerland)

  1. Johnny B. Goode
  2. Mean mistreater
  3. Black cat bone
  4. Help me
  5. Talk to your daughter
  6. Mean town blues

A newspaper reported on this Pop festival at Montreux : A pop "happening" in Montreaux (April 24-27). featured the live talents of Greatest Show on Earth. Johnny Winter, Allman Brothers, Flock, Ashton Gardner & Dyke and Renaissance. Renaissance will return to Switzerland and play a concert in Aarau June 5 1970

Sunday, 26 April 1970: Concertgebouw, Amsterdam

An evening organized by Paul Acket, with the title "The Sound of the Seventies" with Johnny Winter and The Flock

  1. Help me
  2. Johnny B. Goode
  3. Talk to your daughter
  4. Be careful with a fool
  5. Black cat bone
  6. Mean town blues
  7. Tobacco road [Edgar Winter on vocals, keyboards and sax]
  8. Frankenstein [with Edgar Winter )
  9. Tell the truth [with Edgar Winter]

The Dutch news-paper "De Telegraaf" comments on this concert and reviews the just released "About Blues"

Johnny Winter About Blues

29 April 1970 Kulttuuritalo , Helsinki, Finland

Johnny Winter performs as part of the CBS campaign "Fill Your Head with Rock" in Helsinki

Johnny Winter in May 1970

Johnny Winter breaks up his band with John Turner and Tommy Shannon and starts his new band AND together with the McCoys

Monday, 4 May 1970

Johnny Winter, Jimi Hendrix and Noel Redding attend a benefit for Timothy Leary

Thursday 7 May 1970 Stevens Point Daily Jpurnal

The Stevens Point Daily Journal previews the Rock Festival "People's Fair under the sign of Cancer" to be held 26, 27, 28 June 1970.

Rock Festival Here May Attract 30,000

Promoters of a three-day rock festival in Portage County hope to attract more than 30,000 young people here June 26. 27 and 28. The festival, called the "People's Fair Under the Sign of Cancer" is being organized by Earth's Enterprises with financial backing from undentified local businessmen. Fritz Von Buchholtz, Town of Stockton, who deals in off-campus rental bousing here and heads Earth's Enterprises, would not reveal the location of the festival yet. "The land has not been sealed so all I can say now is that it's going to be in Portage County." He expects to sign a contract for the land within the next few days and wants to avoid publicity that may hinder the arrangements.

Many nationally famed rock, blues and folk artists have been lined up for the festival, said Van Buchholtz. "We have put money down in advance on contracts," he said. "It's safe to say we have them, however, it's not sealed, but it's as sealed as you're going to get at this stage." He said the groups have accepted the dates and he is awaiting the return of contracts The Steve Miller Band, Buffy St. Marie, Johnny Winter, Taj Mahal, Paul Butterfield, and Buddy Rich are pretty firmly committed, said Von Buchholtz. "There are more national bands, but we're still in the process of talking with and making agreements," he added. Von Buchholtz said plans for sanitary facilities, medical assistance, electric power and water "have already been taken care of."

He said doctors and medical aid will be available around the clock. About three times as much water as was used at a recent festival near Poynette will be made available, the reported. Von Buchholtz said he is bringing together the biggest gathering of national rock talent ever to perform in the Midwest. Von Buchholtz said 30,000 tickets have been printed. Although Von Buchholtz was reluctant to indicate the tentative location of the festival, it is generally known in the community that the site under consideration is in the Town of Sharon, about 10 miles northeast of Stevens Point. There has been some dispute between Von Buchholtz and an earlier partner in the venture, Ray Goddard, Stevens Point.

Goddard called the Daily Journal and said that Von Buchholtz had raised money to pay the bands before he had and then squeezed him out of the deal. Von Buchholtz said Earth's Enterprises needed to r a i s e $10.000 immediately to secure the bands and that be gave Goddard ample time to raise the money after he had raised his own share and had to seek other financial backing when Goddard failed to get the funds together. "We are not in this out of any extreme profit motiv«," Von Buchholtz said. He said he is keeping the price of the tickets well below what they have been for similar events and that most of the revenue will go to pay for the bands, insurance and facilities.

Von Buchholtz this morning said that he had seen Goddard Wednesday evening and offered him another 10 days to buy into the company or buy complete Interest in the festival. He said Goddard refused the offer.

Another column in this same newspaper : 7 May 1970 Stevens Point Daily Jpurnal

Promoters of festival work with Sheriff

Portage County Sheriff Nick Check has been working with promoters of a rock festival! here to locate a site for the event, planned for June 26, 27 and 28. Fritz Von Buchholtz, president of Earth's Enterprises, which is backing the festival, said, "We have been working in absolute cooperation with the Sheriff's Department It probably wouldn't hurt to mention that Sheriff Check has really been good on this." Check said this morning that 'if the festival is held in this county — and from all indications it will be — we intend to see that conditions are as normal as possible." "We want to insure," Check continued, "that neighbors and people who normally travel through the area where the fev tival will be held won't be bothered." He said control of traffic would be the principal problem.

Check said he had been in contact with the festival promoters since the initial planning stages and said they "assured me complete cooperation from the rock groups themselves." He also said he had been in touch with authorities in Columbia County, where a recent rock festival attracted 20,000 people. He said the tentative site here in the Town of Sharon compares favorably with the site at Poynette. The sheriff said he may hold traffic In the festival area down to 10 miles per hour. He said he expects the area might become congested by people driving by just to look. Check said he had been in touch with the Town of Sharon board to see about the possibilities of obtaining a permit to sell beer on the festival grounds.

He said issuing such a permit gives authorities greater control over liquor on the premises He said Columbia County Sheriff Vearn Golz had told him those attending the Poynette festival were "fairly well behaved."

Friday, 8 May 1970 - Houston's Hofheinz Pavillion

Johnny Winter And jam concert with B.B King

Johnny Winter And B.B King Concert Jam 1970

Johnny Winter, B.B. King 1970
May 1970: "Second Winter" is his UK chart debut at #59. Johnny supports Jimi Hendrix at the "Holding Together" benefit for Timothy Leary, at New York's Village Gate.


16 May 1970 - New Musical Express

Music's For Fun It's Absurb To be So Serious!", New Musical Express, May 16, 1970, p. 11 , Roy Carr

Johnny Winter in June 1970

Thursday 18 June 1970 The Post-Crescent Newspaper

Officials Brace for Rock Festival


Law enforcement officials in Portage and Waupaca counties are stepping up plans to control a rock festival scheduled for the weekend of June 26-29. "We've resigned ourselves to the fact there is going to be a rock festival." Portage County Sheriff Nick Check said today. Although "a number of meetings have been held in the past weeks." attempts to halt the event have been unsuccessful. Check said. Larry Schumann, festival producer, announced at a Madison news conference Wednesday that the event would be held on a 200-acre farm lying in the towns of lola in Waupaca County and Newhope in Portage County \ Check said the farm site is, near Portage County Trunk. MM. about seven miles northwest of lola. It was learned today that the farm, once owned by Roy Rustad, was sold for $20.000 this week to James R Sitton of Madison.

The land then was leased to sponsors of the festival. Check said the farm has a barn but no living quarters. Plans for the festival "orig- ; inated right here in Stevens j Point," Check explained. He said that he and Waupaca Count< Sheriff Loran Frazier visited the festival site Wednesday. "Where the thing is held is immaterial as long as it is some reasonable area as far as traffic is concerned." Check said. Asked if the farm site were a "reasonable area." Check replied that it was "as good as could be expected." There will always be complaints from neighbors." he added.

Check said that although he was aware several months ago that a rock festival might be held in the area, he was not told of the site choice until Wednesday. F r a z i e r reportedly was working on an investigation and was not available for comment this morning. Schumann s a i d that en trance to the festival will be through the 50 acres of farm land King in the Town of Newhope, while entertainment will be on the 150 acres on the Waupaca Count} side The reason for the separation. Schumann, said, is that the Portage County land is zoned for agriculture, while the Waupaca County portion is not zoned. Schumann would not reveal the name of the farm owner. He said that the festival sponsor's attorney would meet with Check and Frazier today, but Check said he had received no request for such a meeting. "We intend to control" the event. Check said.

"We made this plan long ago." Although stating that law enforcement help would be summoned from outside the two counties. Check declined to say what form the assistance would take or how much help would be asked Check also declined to speculate on how many people the festival w o u l d attract, although Schumann said the tickets sales were going very well" and "at least 20.000" participants were expected. He said that most of those who bought tickets so far are from Milwaukee. Such performers as Buffy St. Marie, Johnny Winter. Buddy Richy Ravi Shankar and Paul Butterfield, along with several local groups, are scheduled to appear during the three days.

Entertainment will not be continuous and the festival will have a carnival atmosphere, with Indian dances and rides, Schumann said A rock festival held in April on the Irene York farm drew an estimated 20.000 people on the final day. Mrs York, an elderly widow, was charged with several zoning violations. A festival which had been planned for the Shiocton area in Outagamie County last month was canceled after county officials found that sewage facilities at the site were inadequate. The man on whose land the festival was to have been held said, however, that the event was canceled because things '"got out of hand." Outagamie County Sheriff Calvin Spice and members of the Town of Liberty Board had registered strong objections to the festival plans.

Thursday 18 June 1970 SHEBOYGAN PRESS

The "Sheboygan press" announces the cancellation of Johnny Winter and Steve Mille:

There have been a few changes in the line-up for the People's Fair rockfest near Stevens Point on June 26, 27, 28. Steve Miller and Johnny Winter won't be there, but Ravi Shankar has been signed, and there's a chance that Melanie and Spirit will be added. Others who will be there include Buddy Rich, Buffy St. M a r i e , Paul Butterfield, Chuck Berry, Taj Mahal, Bowery Boys, Sound Street, and about 20 others. It will apparently be the biggest — and maybe the only — rockfest in Wisconsin this summer. Advance tickets for the three-day festival are available for $10 at Gene's Camera Shop. So far, the local sales total approximately seven

Friday 26 June 1970 The Post-Crescent

Thousands swarm to Iola, Scene gets early start at Rock Festival

BY FERN SMITH Post--Crescent Staff Writer IOLA — The early pre-Rock Fest hours of the People's Fair brought hippies by the thousands — on foot, on bikes, on motorcycles and in ears. Thursday a f t e r n o o n they blocked the entrance to the gate as they purchased their ticket — but one out of three had come with "no bread,"' asking for jobs and begging free admission. The heavy traffic continued up to midnight and this morning the traffic is light. Management estimates that there are 10.000 camping on the hill and 50.000 to 75,000 are expected. The music, originally scheduled to begin at noon today. will not start until 6 p.m. and continue through 11 p m Sunday.

The scene was the beginning of a big pot party. As tents went up and banners and flags took to the breeze, groups gathered before their tents and in the long gra»s. Walking up the hil! to the site, small bands of 16 and 17-year olds offered the climbers a lid of pot for $5. Signs marked the spot for purchasing Shangai red (the best grade of marijuana;, LSD, mescaime One south, a 17-year-old, was asked to leave the camp He had been pushing the grass at 5$ a lid The going price, he was told, is S15. In the early evening, a 19-year old youth, who had spent a day on the road hitchhicking with two companions to the fest, left the fair.

"It was weird," Mike, the hunter, said. "I didn't want any part of it. There was nothing to do and I made up my mind to leave We weren't prepared. Hadn't brought a tent or bedrolls. "It wasn't at al! like 1 expected it would be. The hippies invited us to their tent, offered us a stick — but we passed it up. Then one dug in his jeans and came up with a light brown capsule, don't know what it was. We took it and said we would use it later. Waits for Bus Home ' It was a sickening sight," he added, shaking his head. He dozed on the curb as he waited for the midnight bus back to St Paul. -'My folks vail be glad to see me." Why do they come to th« People's Fair?

''Man, these are my people and this is living," volunteered Gypsy, who is a seasoned veteran of Rock Fests from California on across the country. "My mother threw me in the garbage can when I was three days old. These people love me and understand me " continued the black, who runs security from the gates to the grounds. '"I use the money I make helping my people." Carrying their earthly good? on their backs, barefoot are dirty, they come to "do the'r thing."' There is one of everything in the world Some bring their dogs, one couple carried their 10-month-old baby on the back. Making the scene was a young girl in a see througn pant suit Workmen labored through the night to complete the bandstand, now encircled by a 8000 foot cyclone fence.

In this compound there will be music by Buffy St. Marie, Johnny Winter, Buddy Rich, Ravi Shankar and Paul Butterfield. Many packed in their own food but there will be barbecued chicken served at all hours through the fest. Roadblocks set up Thursday afternoon have been functioning beautifully — with few spectators entering the area. "We are pleased w-Jth the cooperation and there have been no incidents so far." Sheriff Loran Frazier, Waupaca County, advised today In Iola. seven miles away, the peop!e are "up tight," not knowing what to expect. Many have left their homes and gathered on the s i d e w a l k benches to watch the hippies come to town There have been few in the stores.

26,27 and 28 June 1970 People's Fair, Madison

Johnny WInter and Steve Miler planned for this event were cancelled.



26,27 and 28 June 1970? People's Fair, Madison
26,27 and 28 June 1970? People's Fair, Madison

27-28 June 1970: Bath Festival of Blues & Progressive Music, Shepton Mallet, Somerset.

Performers on Saturday 27th June were:

  • Canned Heat
  • John Mayall
  • Steppenwolf
  • Pink Floyd
  • Johnny Winter
  • It's a beautiful day
  • Fairport convention
  • Colosseum
  • Keef Hartley
  • Maynard Ferguson Big Band

Performers on Sunday 28 June 1970 included:

  • Led Zeppelin
  • Jefferson Airplane
  • Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention
  • Moody Blues
  • Flock
  • Byrds
  • Santana
  • Dr John the Nighttripper
  • Country Joe
  • Hot Tuna


Poster Bath Festival of Blues and Progressive Music 1970

Bath Festival of Blues and Progressive Music 1970

Johnny played on Saturday the 27th June 1970, the set list:
  • Guess I'll Go Away
  • Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo
  • Talk To Your Daughter
  • Prodigal Son
  • Rollin' & Tumblin'
  • Black Cat Bone
  • Five Long Years?
  • Good Morning Little School girl
  • Johnny B. Goode
  • Mean Town Blues
  • Eyesight to the Blind (rare)
Bath Festival of Blues and Progressive Music 1970


Johnny Winter at Bath Festival 1970


Freddy Bannister (promoter of pop festivals in the seventies) and his daughter Wendy Bannister have producd a commemorative box set called "Just Broken Even", with information on the Bath pop festivals

The Bath commemorative set, Just Broken Even, is a limited edition of 1,000 and as a special offer to The Johnny Winter Story visitors the price of the set is reduced by £10 to £65 and now includes 6 CDs (inc Johnny Winter at 1970 Bath) and a DVD

The commemorative set includes the following: The programmes, flyers and tickets from the following festivals, 1969 Bath Festival , 1970 Bath Festival, 1971 Lincoln Festival

A handbill from The Pavilion, Bath 1963 advertising The Beatles forthcoming appearance.

A photo album of 28 photos mainly backstage at Bath

A 330 page book on the problems promoting the festivals.

6 CDs and a DVD, which give as a gift with the set, which includes the following:

1 x 75 mins CD of Johnny Winter live at Bath 

Track list "Guess I'll Go Away" , "Rock & Roll Hoochie Koo", "Mama Talk To Your Daughter", "Prodigal Son", "Rollin' & Tumblin'", "Black Cat Bone", "Have You Ever Been Mistreated?", "Good Morning Little School Girl" , "Johnny B. Goode", "Mean Town Blues"

1 x 75 mins CD of Pink Floyd live at Bath, including their premiere of Atom Heart Mother with full choir. Before the Bath Festival it was known as The Amazing Pudding.

A 3 CD set live from the 1970 Bath Festival with  Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Johnny Winter, Jefferson Airplane, Frank Zappa, Steppenwolf, Santana, The Byrds, Canned Heat, John Mayall, Donovan, Hot Tuna, Country Joe,

1 CD from 1971 Lincoln Festival a CD of The Byrds and James Tayler

A DVD of the Lincoln 1971 festival including Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee performing in the back of their limo on the way to the 1971 Lincoln festival and various BBC interviews from the Lincoln. Interviews with James Taylor, Tom Paxton and lots of great festival shots.  (very rare we have only just discovered it- even the BBC no longer have a copy of it)

From the Bath Official Programme:
"When Johnny Winter was a twelve year old kid in the deep of Leland, Mississippi, he first heard the blues crackling on the old wooden radio. He then went out and bought every single blues record he could afford, taught himself to play guitar, and by the age of 15, he had a band. And that was the start."

The set includes the following: the programmes, flyers and tickets from the following festivals

  • 1969 Bath Festival
  • 1970 Bath Festival
  • 1971 Lincoln Festival
Box Set bath 1970


  1. A photo album of 28 photos mainly backstage at 1970 Bath
  2. A hardbacked book on the problems promoting the festivals.
  3. The 1970 Bath Festival poster and as a special gift 5 CDs, which we have been given, and will include with the set to any fan from the The Johnny Winter Story site.
  4. The CDs include the following:
  5. A 3 x 74 mins CD set live from the 1970 Bath Festival with Johnny Winter, Pink Floyd, Jefferson Airplane, Frank Zappa, Steppenwolf, Led Zeppelin, Santana, The Byrds, Canned Heat, John Mayall, Donovan, Hot Tuna, Country Joe,
  6. Plus an additional 1 x 74 mins CD of Johnny Winter's live performance from the Bath Festival.
  7. 1 CD from 1971 Lincoln Festival a CD of The Byrds ,James Tayler and Sandy Denny



Monday, 29 June 1970: Paris, France

Johnny Winter AND Rick Derringer Live

One of the very video clips of Johnny Winter and his "AND" band performing "Guess I'll Go Away". Live in Olypmia, Paris, France in 1970



Johnny Winter in July 1970


Saturday, 4 July 1970: Atlanta International Pop Festival Middle Georgia Raceway near Byron GA.

Edgar Winter - drums

Bentz remembers:

On July 3,4,5, 1970 the Second International Atlanta Pop Festival was held in a bean field at Byron GA. Bryon GA is a small community just off the Interstate in the Macon area. It was hot, getting up to 105 in the shade during the day. I had seen Johnny at West Palm and told everyone about his brother Edgar and the jam session with Vanilla Fudge, Janis Joplin, and the Winters. We were pumped, cause we figured Johnny would be ready to jam and I had everyone hyped to see Edgar. And we figured the possibilities were endless in that the band list included the headliner, Jimi Hendrix and also some other fine axe men, like Robin Trower, BB King, Alvin Lee, Leslie West, Duane Allman, Dickie Betts, Terry Reid, and some others on instruments like Dave LaFlamme on violin and Lee Michaels on organ.

So, I was VERY disappointed to read in the paper just before the show that Johnny had a new band. And it was the McCoys. I mean, what was he going to play, Hang on Sloopy!!!!!! The write ups of the new album didn't really give us a clue. But, I was bummed. Big time.

Well, when we get to Byron, we eventually learn that Johnny and Jimi play on different nights (Jimi played at midnight, July 4th with fireworks) so that possiblity was out. But, the Allman Brothers and Alvin Lee with Ten Years After were set for the same night, Sunday, as Johnny.

Well, needless to say, we need not have worried about Johnny. When the band hit the stage, they just flat kicked ass. The only SONG I really remember was Rock N Roll Hootchie Coo. But Johnny and Rick just played their hearts out and were great. I was only about 50 feet from the stage and was actually right under the mic that Johnny used when they came out. The stage was well over our heads, so I went back to out spot to have a better view and to hear the mix coming out of the speakers.

As a side note, there was a strage group of people near us at the show. They had a leader who they thought was a wizard and he was dispensing Electric Kool Aid. At one time they were passing around a joint that was as big as a cigar and was rolled in the Sunday funnny papers. About 20 years later, I was waiting to take a picture of Johnny when he came off his bus before a show (And I don't know where the pictures are, really.) when this hippie with hair down to his ass says to me, "Man, I been seeing Johnny for 20 years." I say, "Me too." We talk for a while and figure out that we were both in Atlanta. Then we figure that we were both on the left hand side of the stage, about 50 feet out. And he says, "Well man, you might remember me, I was the dude that rolled the joint out of the Sunday funnies man. I put three lids of Columbian in that thing dude." I asked him about the wizard, but he just wanted to talk about his joint.

Anyways, as the night goes on, the Allman Brothers are playing and they are hot. They had the harp player who is on the Fillmore East album with them and are wailing. Then, they mention a guest is coming out. Just as they break into Mountain Jam, out pops Johnny and is he wired or what. I can not really describe to you how he picked that show up. (This jam of Johnny Winter and the Allman Brothers is available on the recording: The Allman Brothers Band - Atlanta International Pop Festival) In my humble opinion, he flat blew Dickie and Duane away. I mean, he can play the slide or without and is dueling with them both. Now, I guess I exaggerate a bit when I say he blew them away, cause this was in their prime and as you might imagine, Duane and Dickie didn't back down at all. But it just seemed like the whole place, including about 500,000 of us, just kept getting higher and higher and Johnny was the energy driving it all.

Aug 1970: participates in an anti-war 12-hour festival at New York's Shea stadium, alongside Paul Simon, Janis Joplin, Steppenwolf and many others .

3-5 July 1970 Toronto Peace Festival

LOS ANGELES — The Toronto Peace Festival will be held July 3-5 a site that is actually 100 miles west of Toronto, near London, Ontario, and the town of Parkhill. Adjacent to a 2,700-acre Canadian Conservation Authority approved campground which contains, among oilier things, a 200-acre lake, the festival site is 1,500 acres of light forest land, through which runs a stream filled with trout. The festival will take place at the center of a large plateau containing three natural amphitheaters. The main stage will present the musical performances, ami two secondary stages will be built for additional talent as well as symposiums, hosted by prominent authorities on ecology, science, the arts, and possibly even politics.

After 2 A.M., the stages will carry screens for films until dawn, and the festival producers (Karma Productions) arc trying to arrange for the premieres of several youth oriented movies. The Canadian film hoard also is expected lo contribute films. Mike Lang, the producer of the Woodstock Festival, is booking talent for Toronto. Signed so far are Chicago, Johnny Winter, Spirit, Proocol llarum, Taj Mahal, Booker T. and the MGs, The Youngbloodsand, B.B. King.A nationwide network of radio stations, which has been dubbed the Peace network, will begin broadcasting information, messages and developments with the festival, us well as other communications pertinent to peace. MORE THAN 'Id stations arc already committed to the network, and they will service cities from Alaska to New York and Florida.

Although 90 per cent are FM stations, there are more AM stations linking up. In addition to the usual concession stands, there will also he free food at the festival, with the menu and disbursal being supervised by the Yogi Bhajan, Ihc former New Delhi Customs Agent who has fed countless pilgrims in India. The emphasis will be on macrobiotic food, rice and the like. There will be 20 centers for medical and emergency care, and the Canadian government is requiring the promoters to guarantee $1.3 million for medical facilities alone, in addition" to their guarantees for sufficient water and sanitation.

Plans are also being made for a low-power radio station at the festival site, which would broadcast information as a public address system would. There has been some talk about broadcasting the musical performances over the same station — something that might be appreciated, since it is doubtful that even under the most ideal situation everyone would be able to hear what is going on. THE PROPOSED radio station, as well as the bulk of the logistics for the. festival, is being supervised by Mel Lawrence, who was operations manager of Woodstock. Lawrence carries the immense responsibility of overseeing site preparation, utilities, water supply details, security, purchasing, concessions and crafts, sound, lighting and staging.

The mechanics of ticket distribution still are being worked out. They will be crucial to the success (or failure) of the festival. There will only be a Fixed number of tickets sold. Plans now call for the last day of ticket sales to be June 3. After that date, no tickets will be available, and the constant reminder will be Hint those who do not have tickets should not bother to make the trip to Canada. There is no way of knowing if that will discourage anyone, but the insistence will be there. John Carpenter has taken a leave of absence from his post as entertainment editor of the Los Angeles Free Press to become U.S. coordinator of the festival and chief organizer of the "caravan for peace."

INDEPENDENT groups arc organizing convoys of cars and buses from all over the country to meet in Toronto and then move on to the festival site. There are three main caravans from different regions of the country, and the hopes are that all vehicles will be registered and inspected (by caravan people). With this registration comes access to free medical, legal and mechanical help. Carpenter is hoping that there will be Free shows along the way and That several college campuses will play host lo travelers as they pass through communities. The western caravan is scheduled to leave from Los Angeles on June 21, with caravans from other western areas to join the main convoy at predesignated locations.A book is now in preparation that outlines specifics — what to wear, what to bring, what to expect, eic.

ANYONE INTERESTED in joining the caravan, or simply in rinding out more information about the festival, may write to John Carpenter, 8780 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles Right now the festival looks like a model of order and organization. Hut no one knows what will happen until July 3. While the festival people are unflinching optimisls about the turnout, there are more than a few people who are holding their breath, remembering vividly Ihe horror of Altamont. Perhaps the best thing Toronto has going for it, in addition to its own togetherness, is the release of the Woodstock film, which inspires a positive kind of faith That is so badly needed now and will be even more appreciated this summer.



8 July 1970 The St Petersburg Independent previews Johnny Winters concerts

You don't come across albino blues singers every day but one of those days will be Tuesday. July 14. at the St.Petersburg National Guard Armory.

Texas bluesman Johnny Winter will headline a two-group show with the Amboy Dukes at the Armory.

A Margarie Sexton production, the Winter show will begin at 8 p.m. and fans are advised to bring their own blanket for the strictly-concert event.

Ticket prices are $4 advance and $5 at the gate. Tickets are on sale at area Sears stores.

The 26-year-old Winter began his rock career a couple of years ago in Texas and has evolved a unique style based on the blues guitar variations of Jimi Hendrix.

Winter is classified hard rock blues and will afford fans a real counterpoint to the Amboy Dukes. who have had a succession of medium rock hits.

The same two groups will appear the following night, Wednesday July 15, at Robarts Sports Arena in Sarasota.

Johnny Winter and company last appeared at Curtis Hixon Hall in Tampa at a Christmas concert with the Allmon Brothers and Grand Funk Railroad

9 July 1970 St Petersburg Evening Independent

Chambers Brothers And Johnny Winter Concerts On Top

Two really heavy concerts in one week may be more than Suncoast rock fans can stand. But if you can take all the groovy sounds, it should be a real music trip. The Chambers Brothers will be first. The five-man California group will appear Friday night at Curtis Hixon in Tampa, along with Great Jones and Latifundia. The Chambers Brothers began their career as gospel singers in 1961, but they switched to popular and blues in '64 and their fame soon spread nation wide. The brothers — Willie, George, Lester and Joe — added New York drummer Brian Keenan and came up with the super hit sound that's skyrocketed them on the charts.

Second on the concert scene in appearance will be Johnny Winter, the 28 year old white-haired singer who is given the credit for bringing blues back into the popular record charts. Winter and the rock group, Amboy Dukes, are scheduled to appear at St. Petersburg's National Guard Armory next Tuesday night. Tickets for the Chambers Brothers show are 13.50, $4 and $4.50 in advance at Sears stores and Belk's in Britton Plaza. Sears also has $4 advance tickets for Johnny Winter's concert. Otherwise, it's $15 at the door.


14 July 1970 St Petersburg National Guard Armory: Johnny Winter , Amboy Dukes

This event at the "St Petersburg National Guard Armory" is reviewed in St Petersburg 16 July 1970

Reality Punctures Buoyant Music


Too many people were uptight, paranoid about dope and what might happen. There were two worlds at the St. Petersburg National Guard Armory Tuesday night for the Johnny Winter concert. One was up, the other down. One came to dig the hard-hitting sound of blues on a smooth, smooth guitar. The other, too many police for the small crowd, was there watching, creating an atmosphere of tension. NOTHING WAS terribly wrong, but it wasn't really right. But then, Johnny Winter didn't walk onto the stage, he gilded on. He's the perfect spook; an albino floating around in tempo with his music. He darts back to the electronic boxes spitting out amplification, shutting out everything but his own guitar, then spins back front to the microphone.

If you shut your eyes, you found ourself caught in a spiral throbbing sound. Around and around, your whole body responded. Johnny Winter is good. Very good. But when you came crashing back into reality, it was bad. Very bad. The armory isn't airconditioned and no one was allowed to go outside for air and then inside again. THE CROWD SAT on the floor, absorbing the music. The police, in uniform and plainclothes patroled the place. it was hard to relax.

Tampa's Curtis Mixon Auditorium has taken the initiative to book top, rock groups for this area. St. Petersburg should make the effort to catch up, but only if the promoters give their audiences more consideration. It seems unnecessary to create so much tension.

15 July 1970 Robarts Sports Arena, Sarasota: Johnny Winter , Amboy Dukes

Friday 17 July 1970 Music Circus Lambertville, N.J.: Johnny Winter

Saturday 18 July 1970 War Memorial, Rochester: Johnny Winter, Steppenwolf


Thursday, 23,24,25 July 1970 - Boston Tea Party

Johnny Winter and the J. Geils Band

1970 Johnny Winter and the J. Geils Band

Johnny Winter in August 1970

August 1970 - Creem Magazine Volume 2

Johnny Winter Creem Magazine 1970 Rock in Dixieland Dr John


Sunday, 2 August 1970 - Aix-de-Provence Paris, France

6 August 1970 - Shea Stadium Festival for Peace concert

Johnny Winter, Paul Simon, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Janis Joplin as well as many others


9 August 1970 Otis Spann Memorial Field, Ann Arbor Blues Festival

ANN ARBOR, Mich., 10 Aug. Two unscheduled performers at the Ann Arbor Blues Festival "yesterday-'- Junior Wells, the harmonica player and singer, and Johnny Winter, the guitarist and singer-proved to be just what the audience had been waiting for.

When Mr. Wells and Mr. Winter appeared on stage at Otis Spann Memorial Field on the last day of the three-day festival Mr. Wells in the afternoon, Mr. Winter in the evening the listeners rose from the blankets on which they lounged through most of the program to give them' a welcoming cheer. And they stayed on their feet all through the performances, clapping with the beat, dancing in various ways and grooving with the music. Ironically, while these unadvertised performers were demonstrating how much enthusiasm they could raise, the. festival's producers, a group of University of Michigan students were adding up the weekend's receipts and found a deficit estimated at $20,000. Collectors with baskets were sent out through the crowd to get contributions to reduce the loss.

Mr. Winter, who usually performs with "a vast wall of amplifiers to spread the sound of his guitar and his voice,'used a single amplifier and the accompaniment of Mighty Joe Young's band.

This gave him a rare opportunity to strongly rooted blues talents.' Mr. Wells walked 'onto the stage while aband led by his 'former guitarist, Buddy Guy, was playing. The two musicians quickly fell into routines- they had once done together-a mixture of Mr.Wells's emphatic singing and biting harmonica playing and Mr. Guy's dramatic guitar style.

Later in the evening, Big Mama Thornton, the only woman in' the festival, re- ceived a welcome similar to that accorded Mr. Winter and Mr. Wells.

But while these performers were bringing overt excitement to the festival, it was the less flamboyant ones' who gave it its distinctive flavor. There was John Jackson, a Virginia gravedigger whose warm, gentle voice and acoustical guitar rolled sooth- ingly across the field as he sang old favorites, among them "John Henry." Mance Lipscomb, the 75-year-old Texas songster, mingled blues with pop songs ("I Ain't Got Nobody," "Shine On Harvesta Moon") quiet charm that brought al- most as enthusiastic a response as the appearance of Mr. Wells and Mr. Winter. And Son House, a source of much of the country blues style since the 1920's, closed the festival on an appropriately retrospective note, as he did last year, when the festival was held for the first time.




Friday, 14 August 1970 - Shrine Auditorium, Rochester, N.Y.

Comment: The BEST performance - by Johnny Winter & Rick Derringer guitar solos - of the "And era" . Superb!

  1. Guess I'll go away
  2. Good morning little school girl
  3. Prodigal son
  4. It's my own fault [simply the best version I've ever heard, with astonishing guitar solos]
  5. Highway 61 revisited
  6. Rollin' & Tumblin'
  7. Johnny B. Goode [with licks of "san-ho-zay" on the guitar solo!]
  8. Mean town blues [with full verses of "walking blues"]

Saturday, 15 August 1970 - Eastown Theater, Detroit Michigan.

Johnny Winter/Alice Cooper/Tin House.

Sunday, 16 August 1970 - Free Concert, Ann Arbor Michigan.

Johnny Winter / Magpie / Tin House.

Super Jam with Luther Allison

Johnny Winter and Luther Allison Ann Arbor

Johnny Winter Drying His Guitar

Sunday 23 August 15:00 1970: Davenport's Muny Stadium, Davenport: The Johnny Winter Festival

WORM Productions Present: The Johnny Winter Festival with Johnny Winter AND, Enoch Smokey, Finchley Boys

Sunday, 23 August 1970: John O'Donnell Stadium, Davenport Iowa

Supporting act: Poco

  1. Guess I'll go away
  2. Goodmorning Little Schoolgirl
  3. Rock & Roll Hoochie Koo
  4. It's My Own Fault
  5. Highway 61 Revisited
  6. Rollin' and Tumblin'
  7. Rock & Roll Medley
  8. Mean Town Blues
  9. Drum Solo

Johnny Winter in September 1970

Wednesday, 2 September 1970 - Santa Monica Civic

Johnny Winter with special guest: Savoy Brown

Thursday, 3 September - 6 September 1970: Fillmore West

Johnny Winter as well as: Boz Scaggs and Freddie King

Johnny Winter 1970 Fillmore West

Sunday 6 September 1970: The Col Ballroom: Musical Monster featuring Johnny Winter , Enoch Smokey

Thursday 24 September 1970 KRNT Theatre Johnny Winter, Enoch Smokey

Friday, 25 September 1970 - Aragon Ballroom, Chicago.

A recording of this concert is available on the bootleg: "White Lightning". Other bands which performed at this venue include "Tin House", The Flock.

  1. Guess I'll go away
  2. Good Morning Little School Girl
  3. Rock & Roll Hoochie Koo
  4. It's My Own Fault
  5. Highway 61
  6. Johnny B.Goode
  7. Medley: Mean town Blues-Walking Blues

George Knemeyer reviews this concert of Johnny Winter and "Tin House" at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago:

JOHNNY WINTER TIN HOUSE Aragon Ballroom, Chicago

Johnny Winter has few equals as a technician of the electric guitar, but unfortunately, he tends to get somewhat overbearing with solos. Winter and his new group, made up of former members of the McCoys, made its debut here Sept. 25. The albino Texan, who records for Columbia. is exciting to watch as he jumps around stage and simulates battles with the other members of the group. His solos, for the most part, are constructed to bring the maximum audience response, but the solos tend to run on without end. Still, there is no denying his ability to play the guitar.

He is one of the best, and his backing group is more forceful and alive than his former one. "Tin House" led off the evening, and the guitar-bass-drums trio show promise for the future. The group's numbers are usually short (around three minutes) and very tight and precise. "Tin House" is loud but despite some equipment prob-lems, impressed most of the audi-ence here. The group has an album forthcoming on Epic Records. Also on the bill was the Flock and Truth. GEORGE KNEMEYER

Saturday, 26 September 1970: Johnny Winter And

In September 1970 the album "Johnny Winter And" with Rick Derringer and the McCoys reaches #154 in the Billboard charts



Johnny Winter in October 1970


Thursday, 1 October 1970: Jimi Hendrix Wake

On Thursday, 1 October 1970 Johnny Winter jams with Jimi Hendrix band-members (John Hammond, Buddy Miles, Noel Redding and Jimi's brother Leon Hendrix) for Jimi's Wake.

Johnny Winter at Jimi Hendrix Wake

Jim Hendrix Wake


Friday 2-3 Oct 1970 Fillmore East (And)

These concerts of "Johnny Winter And" have been rekeased on two different albums

  1. Johnny Winter AND Live, initially released on LP and later as CD
  2. Live at the Fillmore East

Other bands performing these evenings include Buddy Miles, Tin House,

Unedited tracks of Johnny Winter's performance including the guitar solos performed by Rick Derringer are available on Youtube.

A review from the Fillmore East Concerts

Twice at Fillmore East


If the recent blues revival served only to unearth Johnny Winter and his various associates, it might have been worth it for that alone.

Mr. Winter, a blues-rock guitarist of immense ability, presented his new band here Friday and Saturday at the Fillmore East. The new group, called Johnny Winter And, is made up of three members of the old rock group, the McCoys: Rick Zehringer, guitar; Randy Zehringer, drums, and Randy Hobbs, bass. It is a considerable improvement over Winter, the previous band.

Through a long second set on Saturday, Mr. Winter and Rick Zehringer (who has taken to calling himself Derringer; his brother has shortened the family name to Z) played solos back and forth at each other, simultaneously and in alternation. mr Winter played his familiar blues-based, hard-rock guitar. Occasionally he used the new band to liberate himself from the old blues format and indulge in various effects and ideas of larger scope. Rick Zehringer provided a needed second guitar and fine counterpoint in' the several guitar duels that emerged during the evening.

Johnny Winter And shared the bill with Tin House and the Buddy Miles Express. Several standing ovations showed the Miles group beginning to get the attention it deserves.


 BUDDY MILES Fillmore East. New York

Buddy Miles knows how to win a hip audience, as his performance in the first of four weekend Fillmore East shows, 2 October 1970, demonstrated. Delayed by his flight from Seattle, where he attended Jimi Hendrix' funeral, Miles went on last, following a fine set by Columbia's Johnny Winter, who also had attended the funeral.

Epic's Tin House. an Orlando, Fl. trio. showed promise as the opening act. Miles, who had 10 backup musicians, more than ever, asked the audience to clap along and they clapped along, sing on cue and they sang on cue, and stand and move in place and the obliging youths stood and moved in place.

It was a lesson in mob psychology used by the Mercury artist. The result may be manufactured, but it works. The Allman Brothers' "Dreams" opened an extended medley, which occupied most of the set. Miles alternated between soul singing and the drums. He has developed as a performer. FRED KIRBY

15 Oct 1970 - Rolling Stone Magazine

"Johnny Winter: It's Just Bad Music", pp22-5

17 Oct 1970 - Sounds Magazine

"Johnny Winter Speaking" on Page 4 of Sounds Magazine

Johnny Winter on Page 4 of Sounds Magazine Oct 1970


17 Oct 1970 - New Musical Express (London),

Interview by Nick Logan: "The hype that made him helped kill off his band.

Johnny explains why he split his old band (Uncle John Turner and Tommay Shannon) and formed the new band "And", with the former members of the McCoys (Rick Derringer , Randy Hobbs)

I WAS making ten dollars a night playing what I'm doing now, and now I'm getting paid thousands for it." Johnny Winter, the albino blues guitarist who strummed through ten years of obscurity in his native Texas before discovery by the underground and a catapult-like riss to national fame, was back in London last week.

He's here in one of his favourite countries on a ten-day holiday -the first he's ever had-but had happily put himseif at the disposable of CSS to organise Interviews. "1 really Iove doing them."

CBS responded by turning his Mayfair hotel bedroom into a repllca of a statten at rush hour; photographers and journalists arriving every half hour and the inevitable overlaps becoming the order of the day. Winter took it all in his good natured stride, ordering refreshments for the evergrowing assembly and perching on the edge of his bed strumming his Gibson guitar.

Since May he has a new backing band, the result of a tie up with the old U.S. "Hang On Sloopy" hit group the McCoys that caused a good many disbelieving blinks on both sides of the Atlantic.

He had, he revealed, already decided to break up the old outfit before his May concerts here and had done so soon after they got home, explaining: " We reached the stage where we were stagnat. We started out ' as a white country blues group but in all the hype and bull . . . people thought we were another Cream or Jimi Hendrix. But we were not; we were just a blues group and the band was really good for that.

"People put lt down because the publicity had Ied them to believe that it was some kind of supergroup."

After two years together, Winter explains, he feit he and the band could go no further. "1 could not do what I wanted with the band. There wasn't anywhere really to go. I love the people the band but all we could done was keep on playing this sure things we had been playing before.

"I wanted a band where other people could contribute things . Ilke writing songs, because I consider myself a songwriter. wanted to do some original thing music. They just didn't like doing them and I wanted people who could put themselves into the tunes."

The McCoys, having a tough time with their record company and finding non-acceptance for work they saw as more creative than their bubblegum days, had been living right across the way" from Winter's home. "My manager Steve Paul was helping them get something together and when I decided to break up my own band I went over and talked to them and we jammed on a and have other people who could project themselves and with the old band Uncle John and Tommy were basically a side band."

His band still four strong, the back up men now are Rick Derringer, vocals/guitar, Randy Hobbs, vocals/bass, both one time McCoys, and Bobby Caldwell, drums. Caldwell recently replaced Randy Z, the member of the McCoys, who, according to Winter, went a bit out of his head and committed himself to hospital. Edgar Winter stayed behind to fill in an drums until a new man was found. "Bet. he's not a drummer," says Johnny, "most nights his hands would be covered in blood."

The three McCoys provided the back up for the guitarist's new CBS album and, Winter revealed, he had tried three of the tracks with the old band before they split. "But they just didn't feel that kind of couple of things and it just worked out so well.

"When they had 'Hang On Sloopy'," he argues, "they were all littte kids. Musicians were just musicians at that time; the record people thought musicians were kids and didn't know what was commercial. They said 'Do this and we will make you a rock and roll star.' After they had had all this the McCoys started to ask themselves what they were doing They had this bubblegum Label and people would not let them forget.' He himself didn't know what anyone with Jong hair." l response to expect. "lt might Everybody in the States, he have been really horrible but says, is looking for leaders. "They people just seem to accept the all want someone to teil them group. I thought they might say what to do and how to get out of we were selling out . Johnny this . . . and so they Look to music Winter's bubblegum and all that elans as leaders. I have tried to bull say I am a musician not a politic With the new band, Winter feels but it just doesn't seem pos- he is still playing in the style he to keep out of lt."



Johnny Winter and Tin House at the Fillmore East, New York



Fillmore East Oct 1970

Oct 1970: "Johnny Winter And" peaks at US #154.


Friday, 27 November 1970 - Howard Stein's Capitol Theatre, Portchester, N.Y.

Some portions of this concert have been used for Johnny Winter's first live album "Johnny Winter AND live".

As mentioned in the column "Selling Sounds" by "Bob Glassenberg" the "Fedco Audio Labs" truck has been used for the recording. Transcript of this column:

Selling Sounds
Fedco Audio Labs is a truck which runs from concert to concert, making live recordings. It is owned by an ex-physicist, Lyle Fame, who runs it with the help of graduate students in Physics from Brown University. So far, Fedco has recorded the live Doors LP; several of Graham's Tanglewood concerts; Joe Cocker's "Mad Dogs and Englishmen," LP; the Ann Arbour Blues Festival; the live John Sebastian LP; Rod Stuart and the Small Faces at the Fillmore East; and they will soon record Johnny Winter live at the Capitol Theater in Portchester and part of the East coast tour which Neil Young will be doing. They also ran around New York City recording the Judy Collins LP, done in about five. separate locations.

    Setlist of Johnny Winter at the Capitol Theatre
  1. Guess I'll go away
  2. Rock'n'roll hoochie koo
  3. Five long years
  4. Jumpin' jack flash
  5. Great balls of fire
  6. Guitar jam [with chords of "dixie"]
  7. Long tall sally
  8. Whole lotta shakin' going' on
  9. Bobby Caldwell boogie [invented title; it's just a hard rock riff as intro & closing, sandwiching a 15 minutes drum solo]
  10. Mean town blues
  11. Johnny B. Goode

Friday, Saturday 27, 28 November 1970 Madison Square Gardens: Johnny Winter

Nov 1970: "Johnny Winter And" reaches UK #29.


Friday, 18 December 1970: State Fair Music hall, Dallas

Special Guest: Wildfire

Johnny Winter State Fair Music hall Dallas 1970

Saturday 19 December 1970 Municipal Auditorium , San Antonio, Texas: presented by the Jam Factory

Johnny Winter, Bloodrock, Ballin' Jack

Sound's of the 70's

A Video with Johnny Winter, Santana and Taj Mahal. The Johnny Winter video parts are either from 1969 or 1971. The songs Johnny performs are "Johnny Be Good", "Mamma Talk To Your Daughter" and "Tell the Truth"

Sounds Of The 70s Johnny Winter
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