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Rock & Roll Hoochie Coo

Johnny Winter And


Guitar Tabs and Lyrics


Author/Artist: Johnny Winter 
Title: Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo
Transcribed by: Mustang@fender4ever

      h - hammer on 
      p - pull off 
      b - bend string up
      r - release bend
      / - slide up

INTRO: also the chorus



the song climbs up,then down, using A C D bar chords
at the end use one of these licks


A                              C          D    C  A          
I couldn't stop moving when it first took hold 
It was a warm spring night in the ol' town hall 
There was a group called The Jokers, they were layin' it down 
Doncha know I'm never gonna lose that funky sound 


Rock and roll, hoochie koo 
Lawdy mama light my fuse 
Rock and roll, hoochie koo 
Truck on out and spread the news

The skeeters start buzzing 'bout this time o' year 
I'm goin' round back, she said she'd meet me there 
We were rollin' in the grass that grows behind the barn 
When my ears started ringin' like a fire alarm


Hope ya'll know what I'm talkin' about 
The way they wiggle that thing, it really knocks me out 
I'm gettin' high all the time, hope ya'll are too 
Well come-on a little closer, gonna do it to you


That I'm tired of payin' dues 
Done said goodbye to all my blues 
Lawdy mama light my fuse

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