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It's All Over Now

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    Guitar Tabs and Lyrics

    Chords to: It's all over now.

    What he was doing was a standard blues shuffle in "A" I'm not too good at tab so I'll just tell you and hope you can figure it out.

    Standard "A" chord playing the "A" open and the "D" string at the 2nd fret twice..Shifting to "A" open and the "D" string at the 4th fret twice..shifting to "A" open and the "D" string at the 5th fret twice then quickly play the "D" string at the 5th fret once..hammer on on the 7th fret and play the "G" string at the fifth fret ( note: the shuffle part is only played on the "A" and "D" strings)

    That part repeats for the duration of the verse at the end of the verse.. Used to love her starts on an "E" chord followed by an open "D" string hammer on to 2nd fret and play an open "G" string followed by a "D" chord then the shuffle previously described twice then back to an "A" chord playing the pattern .. Open "A","G" string at the 2nd fret,open "A", open "G",open"A","D" string at the 4th fret,open "A","D" string at the 2nd fret, open "A" hammer on to "A" sting 3rd fret and pick"D" string on the 2nd fret then back to the shuffle again for the second verse.

    I think he throws in a variation on the pattern I described after the second verse after he does the pattern once he goes to the 9th fret and barrs across the "G" "B" "E" strings and plays "G" on the 9th,"E" on the 9th shifts to 8th fret and repeats the pattern shifting to the 7th where he does it again and then goes to the 6th on the "G" and the 5th on the "E" followed by "D" on the 5th, hammer on to the 7th and pick "G" on the fifth then back to the shuffle.

    I know this sounds like a lot and I hope you can digest it but it's all I can remember

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