The Johnny Winter Story

Self Destructive Blues

John Dawson Winter III


Self Destructive Blues from John Dawson Winter III - Johnny Winter

Woke up this mornin' feelin' bad
Thinkin' 'bout the good things I once had had
Ain't no good, feelin' this a way
Gonna rock my blues away

Gonna get up
Tear my blue self down
When I get through boogyin'
Won't be no more blues around

Drank some whiskey, beer and wine
Ya know I been mistreated & I don't mind dyin'
C'mere momma, bring me one more pint
Gonna get stoned, gonna wreck this joint


Spendin' money, lord, feelin' good
Gettin' down like I knew I would
I don't trust women, don't like men
Might not feel this good again


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