The Johnny Winter Story

School Day Blues

School Day Blues


1st verse

I get up early every morning and I work till noon
The lunch bell can't never ring too soon
When I get to the lunchroom I can't find a seat
And when I get my food it's too late to eat


I got the School Day Blues
No playing sense that I can use (?)
When I think I'm doing fine, the teacher says that I'm behind
When I think I'm doing great, I fail a test and come in late
I've got the blues

2nd verse

I get up in the evening and I study for a test
Do all my homework and I take a little rest
Wake up next morning about half past eight
Everybody screaming, "Man, you're gonna be late"

repeat Chorus

3rd verse

When vacation comes I'm going to have a ball
Forget about the homework, teachers, and all
And when I think of the future I fill with fear
I gotta go through this again next year.

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