The Johnny Winter Story

Nothing Left

And Live


'woke up inside myself this morning,
uncertainty all around,
got straight and turned on to some happiness,
then I lay back down,
all there was around,
nothing left but ashes, and the smell . . .

' went down to the corner drug store,
the pain was more than I could bare,
they told me that I was illegal,
I told them I don't care,
let them stand and stare,
nothin' left but old bones, and the smell . . .

I know I can't go on,
I just can't stand the pain, can't stand the pain,
I know I just can't stand ...,
' quess I'll go insane, go insane

' quess I was born to be mistreated,
contentment seems too hard to find,
searchin' for some understandin',
then I lost my mind,
left it far behind,
nothing left but memories, and the smell . . .

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