The Johnny Winter Story

Deluxe Edition

Johnny Winter - Deluxe Edition

Johnny Winter - Deluxe Edition

This album is compilation of Johnny Winter records during his recording period at Alligator records. Johnny Winter Deluxe Edition contains two songs which have not previously released: "Georgianna" , "Nothing but the Devil"-

Collector's information for "Deluxe Edition": at least two different issues have been released of this CD. One issue has been released on Shock records and another on Alligator records without the mentioning of "manufactured by Shock records"

Some of the Guest performers are Dr John, James Cotton, Ken Saydak

The albums was Mastered by at MonsterDisc, Chicago, IL by Brian Jensen and Bruce Iglauer.

Cover Photo by Lisa Matlow

Back Cover and Back Inlay Photos by Paul Natkin

Inside Inlay Photo by Ebet Roberts



Alligator Records , tracklisting of "Deluxe Edition"

  1. Mojo Boogie (Lenoir, Ghana Music, BMI)--from THIRD DEGREE (AL4748) (4:53)
  2. Don't Take Advantage Of Me (Brooks, Heavy Traffic Music adm. by Eyeball Music, BMI)--from GUITAR SLINGER (AL4735) (5:24)
  3. Murdering Blues (Clayton, Universal Duchess Music Corp., BMI)--from SERIOUS BUSINESS (AL4742) (5:01)
  4. Georgianna (Boskent & Price, Unichappel Music, Inc., BMI)--PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED (3:45)
  5. Good Time Woman (Winter, Starting Point Music, BMI)--from SERIOUS BUSINESS (AL4742) (6:05)
  6. Third Degree (Boyd & Dixon, Arc Music/Hoochie Coochie Music, BMI)--from THIRD DEGREE (AL4748) (6:34)
  7. Broke And Lonely (Otis & Watson, Ft. Knox Music/Trio Music, BMI)--from THIRD DEGREE (AL4748) (4:13)
  8. Master Mechanic (Shamwell, Godbold & Prestage, Malaco Music Co., BMI)--from SERIOUS BUSINESS (AL4742) (3:37)
  9. Lights Out (Rebennack & David, Sony/ATV Songs, BMI)--from GUITAR SLINGER (AL4735) (2:34)
  10. Bad Girl Blues (Memphis Willie B., publisher unknown)--from THIRD DEGREE (AL4748) (4:34)
  11. Route 90 (Garlow & Rene, publisher unknown)--from SERIOUS BUSINESS (AL4742) (4:12)
  12. Nothing But The Devil (J. West, Embassy Music Corp., BMI)--PERVIOUSLY UNRELEASED (4:05)
  13. It's My Life, Baby (Robey, Universal Duchess Music Corp., BMI)--from GUITAR SLINGER (AL4735) (4:10)
  14. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (Reed public domain)--from GUITAR SLINGER (AL4735)
Johnny Winter - Deluxe Edition Johnny Winter - Deluxe Edition
Johnny Winter - Deluxe Edition Johnny Winter - Deluxe Edition

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