The Johnny Winter Story

Johnny Winter's Woodstock Revival

Johnny Winter - Woodstock Revival

Johnny Winter's Woodstock Revival

This recording is an unofficial recording of Johnny Winter at the 1979 Woodstock Reunion. In 2007 this has been released as an offical bootleg "Johnny Winter Live Bootleg Series Volume 1"

The Swinging Pig TSP-CD-213 (1979)

Sound quality: as anyone can expect of any Swingin'Pig CD, a superb quality sound board. Location: at Woodstock, Ten Year Anniversary Festival, 1979

  1. Introduction
  2. Hideaway
  3. Messin'with the Kid
  4. Johnny B.Goode
  5. Come on in my Kitchen
  6. Rollin'and Tumblin'
  7. Help Me
  8. Stranger
  9. Jumping Jack Flash
  10. Bony Moronie


External Information: Woodstock Reunion 1979



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 Johnny Winter - Woodstock Revival
 Johnny Winter - Woodstock Revival
 Johnny Winter - Woodstock Revival

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