The Johnny Winter Story

Johnny Winter's Tattoos 'n' Blues

Johnny Winter - Tattoos and Blues
Johnny Winter - Tattoos and Blues

Johnny Winter's Tattoos 'n' Blues

Rockdreams Rocks 92022 (double cd)
Sound quality: Excellent soundboard
Date: 8/23/1988 in Toad's Place, Hartford, Connecticut
comments: Another "best ever" bootleg

  1. Honky Tonky(9:05)
  2. Rock me Baby(7:10)
  3. Don't take Advantage of me(10:36)
  4. Looking for Trouble(8:51)
  5. Serious as a Heartattack(7:44)
  6. Mojo Boogie(9:12)
  7. Stranger Blues(7:34)
  8. Ain't That Just Like a Woman(6:57)
  9. Mother Earth(7:18)
  10. It's All Over Now(5:07)
  11. Boot Hill(4:33)
  12. Wildwood Flower, mislabeled as "Country & Western" Instrumental(2:38)


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