The Johnny Winter Story

Johnny Winter's Mr White Blues

Johnny Winter - Mister White Blues

Johnny Winter's Mr White Blues

Mister White Blues a compilation of live recordings, recorded in Montreux Switzerkand and New York City

Tracks 1-3 ->Excellent stereo - Montreux 1984
Tracks 2-4 ->Excellent mono - New York 1971

See also: Midsummer Blizzard


  1. Honky Tonky (8:05)
  2. Don't Take Advantage of Me(9:50)
  3. Mad Dog(12:01)
  4. Johnny B.Goode (3:52)
  5. Be Careful With A Fool(17:50)
  6. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On(3:44)

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