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Johnny Winter's Live in Houston busted in Austin

Johnny Winter - Live in Houston

Johnny Winter's Live in Houston busted in Austin

Three similar CD's have been released with Johnny Winter recordings from the 60's, this album "Live in Houston Busted in Austin contains two tracks from the 70's


Johnny Winter's Live in Houston busted in Austin Photos
Johnny Winter - Live in Houston Johnny Winter - Live in Houston 
Johnny Winter - Live in Houston  Johnny Winter - Live in Houston 

About the three simiilar CD's: "Live in Houston, Busted in Austin", "Walking by Myself" and "Live in Houston" CDs: When you listen the discs, you recognize the same recording, Johnny presents "my new bass player" I.P.Sweat ( who sings the song "Busted in Austin"), Pat Rush playing slide guitar on "Walking by Myself". You hear a drummer (obviously) that Johnny does not presents. You do not hear Edgar playing no instruments (there are only a drum kit, a bass guitar and two electric guitars), and Edgar doesn't sings. So where's Edgar? Only on the sleeve, with Uncle Joe Turner, only for a fake date of 1969. On the end of "Jumping Jack Flash", when starts a instrumental song, when Johnny usually have used to present the band, he announces his "new" record "White, Hot & Blue". This instrumental song fades out in about one minute, and is present only in "Walking by Myself" (Relix Records). The only reason to get "Live in Houston, busted in Austin" is for its sleeve, with a beautiful photo of Johnny. On "Live in Houston" "Go Johnny Go" is actually "Johnny B.Goode" and missed "It's All Over Now" and "Jumpin'Jack Flash".

Note: The following information was taken from the album and is probable FALSE!
(Live LP on CD recorded 1969 in Houston feat. JOHNNY, UNCLE JOHN TURNER, Isaac Payton Sweat)

Has the best sleeve with a splendid Johnny picture playing his guitar.

Actually is a BOOTLEG recording . But the person who holds the rights on some Johnny Winter early recordings( the 'demos') has gotten the rights over this live recording( I don't know how or why) dated it as '69, has sold ( or has rent) to "MMG" and Relix Records.

This record is the same as "Walking by myself"

  1. E.Z. Rider
  2. Walking By Myself
  3. Mother Earth
  4. Boney Maronie
  5. Busted in Austin
  6. Messing With The Kid
  7. I Can't Make It By Myself
  8. Johnny B. Goode
  9. It's All Over Now
  10. Jumpin' Jack Flash

Transcript of the liner notes

If you ever wondered what the white blues monster sounded like at the very peak of his fame. this is it' Recorded at a 1969 Johnny Winter concert in Houston. Johnny and his regular band members (brother Edgar. I P Sweat, Uncle John Turner) display the honed-to-perfection combination of blues with rock that was catapulting Johnny to stardom at this very time in music history No longer was he merely a regional blues man doing old favorites for a cult following. Johnny was blazing forth with a totally new sound that captured big audiences everywhere. He grew up in the Gulf Coast town of Beaumont. Texas. where it wasn't uncommon to find bluesmen from T-Bone Walker and Jimmy Reed to Bon Ton Garlow and Guitar Junior playing in a single night You can hear such influences in his sound, but no clear-cut pattern emerges: every time you think you've got him pinned down to a certain source he surprises you with a spontaneous burst of genius. His fingers fly faster than a house on fire His vocal inflections and intonations are quite unique. He does not simply interpret some old song but rather recrafts it into something completely his own These are some of the reasons why Johnny gained the genuine respect of great bluesmen such as Muddy Waters and B.B King and won over scores of young rock and rollers as well. The master tapes have been digitally remastered, and the only element edited out is certain portions of lengthy audience applause.

Bo Svensson Houston. Texas July, 1991

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