The Johnny Winter Story

Johnny Winter's Barcelona Boogie

Johnny Winter Barcelona Boogie

Johnny Winter Barcelona Blues

Johnny Winter Barcelona Boogie

The albums "Barcelona Boogie" and "Barcelona Blues" are actually the same, with the only difference being the album covers.


  • Johnny Winter - Guitar, Vocals
  • Jon Paris - Bass



Images of the Barcelona Boogie front and back cover
Johnny Winter Barcelona Boogie  Johnny Winter Barcelona Boogie 
Images of the Barcelona Blues front and back cover
Johnny Winter Barcelona Blues  Johnny Winter Barcelona Blues 

Barcelona Rockdreams Rocks92065
Sound quality: Excellent soundboard // date: 18 May 1990 at Palau D'esports in Barcelona, Spain
Comment: definitely once of Johnny Winter's best performances with a superb recording qualitz, a collector's dream.

  1. Sen-sa-shun aka Got my Mojo Working(8:08)
  2. Give it Back(8:19)
  3. You're Humbuggin' me(7:04)
  4. Don't Take Advantage of me(8:14)
  5. Red House(11:55)
  6. Mojo Boogie(5:40)
  7. Stranger Blues(5:47)
  8. Johnny B.Goode(4:50)
  9. Serious as a Heartattack(5:03)
  10. Okie Dokie Stomp(5:16)
  11. Jumpin' Jack Flash(4:49)


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