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Johnny Winter Live Bootleg Series Volume Three

Johnny Winter Live Bootleg Series Volume Three

Introduction to Johnny Winter Live Bootleg Series Volume Three

Official Bootleg record hits the streets: Johnny Winter and Friday Music have released another installment of Johnny's archival releases. Live Bootleg Series, Vol. III picks up where the second volume left off, serving up yet another heaping dose of vintage performances personally selected by Johnny himself. Tracks include "Mojo Boogie," "Stranger Blues," "I Smell Trouble,"Boot Hill," "Stones in My Passway," "I'm Gonna Murder My Baby" and "Highway 61 Revisited." Liner notes for the new album were penned by Johnny's friend Andy Aledort, who is the senior editor of Guitar World magazine.


Tracklisting of Live Bootleg Series Volume III

  1. Mojo Boogie
  2. Stranger Blues
  3. I Smell Trouble
  4. Boot Hill
  5. Stones In My Pathway , acoustic guitar) (actually this sounds like Black Cat Bone)
  6. Im gonna murder my Baby aka Penitentiary Blues
  7. Highway 61 Revisited
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