The Johnny Winter Story

Live Bootleg Series Vol 7

Johnny Winter Live Bootleg Series Vol 7


The 7th album in this series of Johnny Winter live recordings. Track 4 is Freddy King's Hideaway (thought they credit Johnny on the package), and in fact is from the bootleg Parker's Place Seattle 1985 (Live Bootleg 2 has two from Parkers Place 1985 also). Oddly, the one on Parker's place is 2 minutes longer, so they must have cut it.
Track 6. "Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye". Is Edgar doing some work on an harpsichord in the background?
Track 7, is the same one as is found on the CD titled, Houston Sessions, but without the nice intro. The intro on Houston Sessions goes, "The next group that's coming out is one which is really unique because young Johnny Winter, a gentleman who came up from Texas, and really started something all his own.



  1. Introduction
  2. Don't Take Advantage Of Me
  3. Mean Mistreater
  4. Blues Jam
  5. Shame, Shame, Shame
  6. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
  7. Leland, Mississippi Blues

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