The Johnny Winter Story

The Essential Johnny Winter

The Essential Johnny Winter (Columbia 2013)

Album Information

This 2CD Set album "The Essential Johnny Winter" is a compilation of officially released Johnny Winter songs, performed during the 70s and 80s, while Johnny was recording for CBS Records.



    Disc 1
  1. "Rock Me Baby" (B.B. King, Arthur Crudup, Big Bill Broonzy, Curtis Jones)
  2. "Highway 61 Revisited" (Bob Dylan)
  3. "One Step at a Time" (Johnny Winter)
  4. "Leland Mississippi Blues" (Winter)
  5. "Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo" (Rick Derringer)
  6. "TV Mama" (Lou Willie Turner)
  7. "Good Morning Little School Girl" (Don Level, Bob Love)
  8. "Talk Is Cheap" (Winter)
  9. "Roll with Me" (Derringer)
  10. "Rock and Roll People" (John Lennon)
  11. "It's My Own Fault" (King, Jules Taub, John Lee Hooker)
  12. "Hustled down in Texas" (Winter)
  13. "Still Alive and Well" (Derringer)
  14. "Black Cat Bone" (Winter)
  15. "Honest I Do" (Jimmy Reed, Ewart Abner)
  16. "Bon Ton Roulet" (Clarence Garlow)
  17. "Johnny B. Goode" (Chuck Berry)
    Disc 2
  1. "Mama, Talk to Your Daughter" (J. B. Lenoir)
  2. "I'm Yours and I'm Hers" (Winter)
  3. "Rollin' Cross the Country" (Dan Hartman, Winter)
  4. "Bony Moronie" (Larry Williams)
  5. "Dallas" (Winter)
  6. "Miss Ann" (Little Richard, Enotris Johnson)
  7. "Self Destructive Blues" (Winter)
  8. "Be Careful with a Fool" (King, Joe Josea)
  9. "Mean Town Blues" (Winter)
  10. "I'll Drown in My Tears" (Henry Glover)
  11. "Tired of Tryin'" (Winter)
  12. "Harlem Shuffle" (Earl Nelson, Bob Relf)
  13. "Sweet Papa John" (Winter)
  14. "Prodigal Son" (Winter)
  15. "Jumpin' Jack Flash" (Mick Jagger, Keith Richards)
  16. "Hurtin' So Bad" (Winter) – 4:39
  17. "Rollin' and Tumblin'" (Muddy Waters, Hambone Willie Newbern) – 4:28

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