The Johnny Winter Story

Johnny Winter's White Lightning

Johnny Winter's White Lightning

Johnny Winter's White Lightning

The Third Eye/Liquid Sky Records KT 006 (1970)

Sound quality and date:
Tracks 1 to 7 -> very good soundboard, from radio - at Aragon Ballroom, Chicago,IL in 25 September 1970.
Tracks 8 to 10 -> good audience; Johnny guitar is perfectly placed up-front. His voice is almost unaudible - at Denver Pop Festival, June 1969. Comment: despite the fair recording quality, you can considerate both recordings as "outstanding" for the period.

Notes: two albums with the name "White Lightning" can be found, the other album was recorded 1st Sep 1969.

Note that two albums are available titled: White Lightning.


Johnny Winter's White Lightning
Johnny Winter's White Lightning
  1. Guess I'll go away(4:00)(mislabeled as I've Been Waiting)
  2. Good Morning Little School Girl(4:15)
  3. Rock & Roll Hoochie Coo(4:04)
  4. It's My Own Fault(16:26)
  5. Highway 61 Revisited(6:59)
  6. Johnny B. Goode(4:45)
  7. Medley: Mean town Blues - Walking Blues
  8. Leland Mississipi Blues(2:19) (mislabeled as Rock me Baby)
  9. Going Down Slow mislabeled as Gin House Blues aka (9:36)
  10. Mean Town Blues(6:31)(mislabeled as Walking Blues Reprise)

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