The Johnny Winter Story

Johnny Winter's No Time To Live

No Time to Live Johnny Winter

Johnny Winter's No Time To Live

Magnum CDTB 136
A Compilation disc, with Johnny Winter's songs from the seventies

This album is also available under the title: Livin in the blues


  1. Ain't that kindness
  2. Stranger
  3. Am I here
  4. Self destructive blues
  5. Golden days of rock and roll
  6. Rock 'n' roll hootchie koo
  7. Guess I'll go away
  8. Rock 'n' roll people
  9. Lay down your sorrows
  10. Raised on rock
  11. Let the music play
  12. Prodigal son
  13. Mind over matter
  14. Pick up on my mojo
  15. No time to live
  16. On the limb

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