The Johnny Winter Story

Johnny Winter's Hot

Johnny Winter Hot Live

Johnny Winter's Hot

Pig's Eye 5

This recording as "Hot Winter" is also on available on: TMOQ 73027 and Trademark of Quality #1886 (1969)

Fair recording quality

Includes a loose-leaf cover page showing a Johnny Winter with Firebird ( The picture was probable from the Still Alive and Well phase and from the Midnight Special show, judging by the sequinned outfit) biting the left breast (and his hand somehwere else then the guitar) of Susan Winter as percussionist/backing singer!

Recorded 1 Aug 1969 at the Hollywood Bowl.



Alternative covers of the HOT album

Johnny Winter Hot Live
Johnny Winter Hot Live


Side 1

  1. Help me
  2. Leland Mississipi Blues
  3. Mean Town Blues

Side 2

  1. It's my own Fault
  2. I hate Everybody
  3. Tell the truth
  4. What I Say

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