The Johnny Winter Story

Johnny and Edgar Winter Discuss Together

Dervish Blues JOhnny Winter

Johnny and Edgar Winter Discuss Together

A full length interview album about the early days. It has an interview of Johnny and Edgar about the recording of Johnny and Edgar Together. The recording was released for Radio Stations Only, Not For Resale. It looked just like the cover of Johnny and Edgar Together only it was in all gray and white. A woman did the interview of them. They talked about the early days when they played together. It would have come out the same year as the album, 1976.

Blue Sky Records Blue Sky ASZ 242


Johnny and Edgar Winter Discussing together
Dervish Blues JOhnny Winter  Dervish Blues JOhnny Winter 
  1. First Performance together
  2. Early Club Days
  3. Traveling
  4. How Songs were selected for Together
  5. Definition of Making it
  6. Gimmicks
  7. Continues Music Policy
  8. Long Hair Part 1
  9. Long Hair Part 2

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