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Johnny Winter's Captured Live

Photo of Johnny Winter's Captured Live front album cover

Johnny Winter Captured Live
Johnny Winter Captured Live

Johnny Winter's Captured Live

Captured Live recorded At: Swing Auditorium San Diego Sports Arena Oakland Coliseum in 1976, "Captured Live" reaches Billboard #93 in March 1976

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Recording information

Recorded Live At: Swing Auditorium San Diego Sports Arena Oakland Coliseum By Wally Heider Studios,' L.A.

  • Remote Engineers - Ray Thompson & Shelly Yakus
  • Coordinator - Andy Bloch
  • Mixed at the Record Plant - N.Y.
  • Engineer - Shelly Yakus
  • Assistant Engineer-David Thoerner
  • Mastered at the Master Cutting Room, N.Y., by Greg Calbi
  • Special thanks to everyone at the Record Plant, the people at Wally Heider's, Showco, Teddy Slatus, Rick Dobbis,
  • Marcia Franklin, Mike Valenti, Brian Valenti, George Crombez,
  • Eddie Faulkner, Marty Brownstein, Paul Prestopino
  • Package design: Teresa Alfieri & John Berg
  • Front cover photograph: Mick Rock/ Back cover photograph:
  • Jim Marshall / Inside photographs: Jeffrey Mayer,
  • Rainbow Photography, and Sam Emerson
  • Original release date: 1976 on Blue Sky Records

Tracklisting of Captured Live

  1. Bony Moronie - Larry Williams Venice Music, Inc./ BMl 1957
  2. Roll With Me - Rick DerringerDerringer Music, Inc./ BMI 1974
  3. Rock & Roll People - John Lennon Lennon Music/ATV Music Corp./ BMI 1973
  4. It's All Over Now - Bobby & Shirley Womack KAGS Music Corp./ BMI 1964
  5. Highway 61 Revisited - Bob DylanWarner Bros. Music/ASCAP 1965
  6. Sweet Papa John - Johnny Winter Winter Blues Music, Inc./ BMl 1974


A PIRATE copy of "Captured Live" album is also available as "Highway 61 Revisited", the difference in the duration of the songs is mainly due to the applause. Recorded live at: Swing Auditorium, San Diego Sports Arena 1976.

Highway 61 Revisited

Highway 61 Revisited

The White Label Promotional copy of Johnny Winter Captured Live has been released on Blue Sky PZ 33944

Johnny Winter Captured Live Promo LP

Released on CD: Sony 16 Jan 1990


Although I can't say that I share the same undying enthusiasm of some of my fellow reviewers, "Captured Live" deserves inclusion into any rock/pop/blues discography as a seminal recording. The "rock set-up" from the mid-70's that is displayed here is not Winter at his finest. His more traditional blues power trio ensemble still captures his vitality best. It is worth noting that he has not strayed from this format, more or less, for more than 20 years, although his current line-up does often feature a keyboardist. However, even while playing in a style not entirely to his suiting, Johnny and the boys still attain a much higher level of competency than the other American guitar-driven stadium acts of the day, such as Nugent, Foghat, or even Thin Lizzie. (In all likelihood this excursion into the rock set-up was pushed by execs at CBS records.) As far as this actual recording is concerned, two tracks, and two tracks only, need to be acknowledged for the breathtaking performances that they are; #5, Dylan's "Highway 61 Revisited" and #6, Winter's own "Sweet Papa John". Both takes display the typical blazing fret board work AND intricate slide playing Winter is noted for, as well as fine interplay between Johnny and second lead guitarist Floyd Radford. While still maybe not quite the ABB, the fast-tempo blues given here rank as definitive recordings of their kind. The remaining tracks just do not light things up as these two do, and are the only reason, as a whole, this LP doesn't get 5 stars from this reviewer. Johnny Winter remains the greatest Texas axe man of all time, even today when approaching 60 years of age. His version of "Highway 61" is still the best Dylan cover of all time. Not more than two or three similarly styled musicians are worthy of comparison.

If you like live music, you'll love this album. I bought the vinyl in 1976 and have listened to it ever since. Johnny plays a mean slide guitar and trades licks with Floyd Radford on Highway 61 Revisited. You'll love this one.

Pete Oppel reviews Captured Live (from Dallas Morning News 26 June 1977)

JOHHNY WINTER: Captured Live (Blue Sky P2 33944}. Unfortunately. Johnny Winter can't he captured live or in any other way on record. I can't understand it Johnny Winter is a great talent. His brother Edgar is a lesser tatent, but records consistently better albums. But this could be as good as we're going to get from Johnny. It is the equai of his best album to date. "Johnny Winter And." "Sweet Papa John." the only Johnny Winter original on the album and its only pure blues a masterpiece.

Dallas Morning News 26 June 1977 

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