The Johnny Winter Story

Johnny Winter's Albino Kangaroo

Albino Kangaroo Johnny Winter

Johnny Winter's Albino Kangaroo

  • Johnny Winter - Guitar, Vocals
  • Peter Kaukonen - Bass
  • Jimmy Gillen - Drums


<Albino Kangaroo Johnny Winter
Albino Kangaroo Johnny Winter



Recorded during August 1973 The sound quality is excellent soundboard (bootleg standard) in all tracks. Tracks 10 & 11 are in higher quality than the rest. These tracks aren't from a concert tape, they are also from studio outtakes. "Johnny B. Goode" starts and after one minute stops and the sound man explains something and the song starts again. And there's a piano along the track. Most likely from 1970 Beatclub show.

  • Tracks 1-9: Johnny Winter and Black Kangaroo. Johnny Winter (guitar and vocal), Peter Kaukonen (bass), Jimmy Gillen (drums). 10-Aug-1973, San Francisco Rehearsal tape.
  • Tracks 10-11:
  • Track 12: Live from Liberty Hall Sessions with Jimmy Reed 1972


This may be a little long winded but I feel the history before and after the Albino Kangaroo period is needed to somehow fill in the gaps.

This period was around the Still Alive and Well days. Johnny's going on tour after the record was out definitely helped his popularity and sales out, yet it took a lot of courage for him to return to the life that nearly destroyed him. He had learned valuable lessons and they were all branded inside his head. But you can?t keep from being filled with wonder and astonishment at what a good job he did coming back and getting back info the same patterns as before, only this time without the need for junk. He had gained enough insight to be able to tell when it starts to get destructive. He thought he would have been able to see it before and blew it and guessed it would be possible to blow it again.

His life had been changed by the last four years, yet he chose to use this experience of the past as lessons well learned, so as not to repeat the stormy past. Possibly somewhere in his subconscious, Rick's constant optimism, Johnny's fondness for science fiction, the unknown, his brother Edgar, and other positive forces in his life and personality gave way to his new way of thinking - there was more ahead than behind. Johnny felt that everything always works out for the best. He was enjoying himself.

He was hitting the small clubs, circulating. Peter Kaukonen and Jimmy Gillen were known as Black Kangaroo. Johnny jammed with them one night at the Orphanage and were renamed Albino Kangaroo. He now had gathered experience from the days gone by, now had an instinct, an awareness, and was ready again to do rock and roll battle for the second time around., Positively Johnny Winter was back on top.

  1. Good morning little schoolgirl
  2. Let it bleed
  3. Silver train
  4. (Come into) My kitchen
  5. Rock and Roll me
  6. Rollin' and tumblin'
  7. Jam
  8. Matchbox
  9. Walk on guilded splinters
  10. Mean town blues
  11. Johnny B. Goode
  12. Big Boss Man


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