The Johnny Winter Story

Discography Part Two: Johnny Winter's Rockstar Period

Johnny Winter AND Rick Derringer

Johnny Winter's Rockstar Period

This section describes Johnny Winter's second period of his career. This periods starts with one of Johnny's best blues albums: "Johnny Winter", than Johnny raises to superstar (1971 - 1976), returning to his roots the blues with the album: "nothing but the blues".

Some of the vinyl LP's have also been released as Quadraphonic LP's. Quad releases are VERY different mixes, and can sound quite different to it's stereo counterpart. In some instances, alternate recordings are used on these to achieve a "quad" effect. Quadraphonic LP's include: "John Dawson Winter III", "Saints and Sinners", "Still Alive and Well".

The table below lists every album of Johnny Winter recorded during his Rockstar period


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