The Johnny Winter Story

Johnny Winter Anthology CD

Johnny Winter Anthology 2 CD Set,


Johnny Winter Anthology 2 CD Set, this album is a compilation of recordings performed by Johnny . during the period he was recording for CBS records.



Johnny Winter

    Disc 1
  1. Rollin' And Tumblin'
  2. Be Careful With A Fool
  3. Country Girl
  4. I'm Yours And I'm Hers
  5. Highway 61 Revisited
  6. Hustled Down In Texas
  7. Memory Pain
  8. Slippin' And Slidin'
  9. Black Cat Bone (Live)
  10. Look Up
  11. Prodigal Son
  12. Rock And Roll, Hoochie Koo
  13. Good Morning Little School Girl (Live)
  14. Jumpin' Jack Flash (Live)
  15. Mean Town Blues (Live)
  16. Johnny B. Goode (Live)
  17. All Tore Down
    Disc: 2
  1. Still Alive And Well
  2. Silver Train
  3. Rock Me Baby
  4. Bony Moronie
  5. Rolling Cross The Country
  6. Stone County
  7. Thirty Days
  8. Rock & Roll People
  9. Self-Destructive Blues
  10. It's All Over Now (Live)
  11. Rock & Roll Medley (Live)-Slippin' And Slidin',Jailhouse Rock,Tutti-Frutti,Sick And Tired,I'm Ready,Reelin' And Rockin',Blue Suede Shoes,Jenny Take A Ride,Good Golly Miss Molly
  12. Sweet Love And Evil Women
  13. Messin' With The Kid
  14. Like A Rolling Stone
  15. It's My Life, Baby
  16. Johnny Guitar
  17. Hideaway (Live)
  18. Lone Wolf

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