The Johnny Winter Story

Johnny Winter's Winter Heat

Johnny Winter's Winter Heat

Johnny Winter's Winter Heat

The back says: "Issued under license from Home Cooking Records". Distributed by M.I.L. Multimedia LLC., PO Box 856, N. Bergen, NJ 0747.

Inside has some pictures of Johnny and I believe the line up he used as "Johnny and the Jammers". The bio of Johnny is ended with the poem:
"Talk now of genius baffled.
Genius is master of man.
Genius does what it must.
and talent does what it can."



  • 1. Ice Cube
  • 2.School Day Blues
  • 3.You know I love you
  • 4.That What love does
  • 5.Gone for bad
  • 6.Easy lovin' girl
  • 7.Avocado Green
  • 8.Ballad of Bertha Glutz
  • 9.Coming up fast (part 1)
  • 10.Coming up fast (part 2)
  • 11.Tramp (This one I think was originally done by Memphian Rufus Thomas in the 60's.
  • 12.Don't drink Whiskey
  • 13.Living in the Blues
  • 14.Going down slow
  • 15.Suicide won't satisgy
  • 16.Blue Suede shoes
  • 17.Wonder if I care as much
  • 18.Birds can't row boats
  • 19.Sloppy drunk
  • 20.The mistress

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