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Johnny Winter's Winter Blues

Johnny Winter's Winter Blues CD

Johnny Winter's Winter Blues CD

"Winter Blues" is a 24 track compilation on Castle Communications of Johnny's early material, from very early Beaumont material up to Ames recordings.


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Johnny Winter's Winter Blues CD  Johnny Winter's Winter Blues CD 



Early stuff from the master of the weird solid body streamline Gibson (an instrument, which has falsely even been used for heavy metal music). Very early stuff, partly. We played it to some folks which take a Johnny puppet with them in their bed instead of a teddybear. TO SEE IF THEY COULD FIND OUT WHO THE PERFORMER IS. They had no idea. The opener of this collection, Leavin' Blues, might give some hints; but then it continues with a Dylan tune. And in most of the 24 tracks of this unusual collection, which seem to be produced under the motto "You can do it, Johnny, but make money, doesn't matter how!", the upright Winter denies himself so strong that it hurts (Out Of Sight, Bad News, I Had To Cry, Shed So Many Tears (Elton Anderson/Eddie Shuler), and so on). Oh, those glory 50ies and 60ies, full of (sometimes mistunderstood) r&b! A long way for Winter, until he blew everybody and everything off the stage at a legendary Rockpalast night - in trio format. Here, instead, a whole lot of "arrangements", with horns, he honors so less ("I don't want no saxophone!"); calculated mainstream for that time, but interrupted repeatedly by a glimpse of blues genius. Hm, doesn't make sense just to play the asshole. You have to be one to get the big money. The hopeful producers must have teared their hair when they caught Johnny again and again playing true music


  1. Leavin' Blues
  2. Avocado Blues
  3. Parchman Farm
  4. Gangster of Love
  5. 38-32-20
  6. Kind Hearted Woman
  7. Low Down Gal of mine
  8. Going Down Slow
  9. Ease My Pain
  10. Out of Sight
  11. Bad News
  12. I Can't believe you want to leave
  13. I had to cry
  14. That's what love does
  15. The Guy You Left Behind
  16. Shed So many Tears
  17. Leave My Woman Alone
  18. Broke and Lonely
  19. Creepy no 2
  20. By the light of the silvery moon
  21. 5 After 4Am
  22. Spiders in my Mind
  23. Easy Lovin' Girl
  24. Livin' in the Blues

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