The Johnny Winter Story

Johnny Winter's White Lightning

Johnny Winter's White Lightning
Johnny Winter's White Lightning

Johnny Winter's White Lightning

Recorded: 1st Sep 1969 at the Dallas International Motor Speedway , Texas International Pop Festival

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In 2006 this recording has also been released as "Johnny Winter Black Cat Bone, Live at the Texas Pop Festival

Note that two albums are available titled: White Lightning.

The CD "Black Cat Bone, Live at Texas Pop" also contains the following additional tracks "I Can Love You Baby", "Take My Choices" and "We Go Back Quite A Way"


Liner notes: John Dawson Winter burst from the Texas bar scene in the late '60s to become an archetypal rock guitar hero. Returning to his roots, he became a revered blues master and remains the perfect example of the hard-working, no-nonsense artist who built his career on substance rather tha') image. Fashions come and go, but Johnny Winter continues to create his original blues/hard rock blend as only he can. Winter became a protessional musician at the age of fourteen when he and his key-board wizard brother Edgar formed Johnny & The Jammers in their hometown of Beaumont, Texas. Their rock 'n roll was steeped in the blues from years of listening to scratchy old 78s of the likes of trop Wilson, 'Bon Ton' Garlow, and other obscure bluesman, as well as well known masters such as Muddy Waters and T-Bone Walker. Johnny & the Jammers were a phenomenon winning talent shows, developing a growing cult following and launching a prolific recording career. After several regional pop triumphs and hand re-organisations, Johnny in 1968 committed himself to playing the blues. He formed a trio with Tommy Shannon on bass and Uncle John Turner on) drums and embarked on the endless round of tours, festivals and night spots that it takes to reach the top. This album was recorded at just such a concert. in Dallas, in the fall of '69 that also featured B.B. King, Sly & the Family Stone and Ten Years After. By this time Johnny's popularity was such that he was no longer merely an opening act but a headliner and just as everyone expected, he stole the show. Not only that, we're lucky enough to have a really good quality recording surviving from the unforgettable show. If you lived through that you'll no doubt enjoy reliving that wonderful lime again:. And if you weren't even born then, let this disc show you when gasoline was 30c a gallon and the lovin' was free.
Erteli Jackson
President Texas blues Preservation Society November 1993

  1. Intro
  2. Mean town blues
  3. Black cat bone
  4. Mean mistreater
  5. Talk to your daughter
  6. Leland, Mississipi
  7. I'm not sure (fade out)

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