The Johnny Winter Story

Johnny Winter's White Gold Blues

Johnny Winter's White Gold Blues

Johnny Winter's White Gold Blues

Yet Another Compilation of recordings made by Roy C. Ames


Johnny Winter's White Gold Blues  Johnny Winter's White Gold Blues 

Italian album, with Johnny Winter recordings from the sixties. At last available, with truly fine packaging, for fans of the albino guitar hero”, tracks recorded during the pre - Columbia years of 1962 - 69. The sound coming out of these tracks goes from a classic garage filled to the brim with fuzz guitars, to sheer blues with Winter’s guitar already fluid and fast. The very special Akarma release collects all of the early works of Winter, along with brother Edgar, in beautiful packaging and a free 7” of his very first release (recorded at age 14). Cd version contains the tracks from the single as well. 20 tracks/5


  1. Out of Sight [02:21]
  2. Low down Gal of mine [03:07]
  3. Going down slow [04:39]
  4. Avocado Green [02:32]
  5. Parchman Farm [02:43]
  6. Livin´in the Blues [02:40]
  7. Leavin´Blues [02:48]
  8. 38-32-20 [02:16]
  9. Bad News [02:40]
  10. Kind Hearted Woman [03:42]
  11. Oh my Darlin´ [02:26]
  12. Five after 4 a.m. [03:01]
  13. That´s what Love does [02:19]
  14. Shed So Many Tears (Elton Anderson/Eddie Shuler) [02:16]
  15. Road Runner [02:03]
  16. The Guy you left behind [02:33]
  17. Gangster of Love [02:28]
  18. By the Light of the Silvery Moon [02:12]
  19. Leave my Woman alone [02:43]
  20. I can´t believe you want to leave [02:30]

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