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Johnny Winter's Sideman

Johnny Winter's Sideman

Johnny Winter's Sideman

The album "Sideman" is one of the best albums with compilation of very early Johnny Winter recordings with Johnny as guitarist in the early sixties.

Sidemans contains recordings together with Margaret Lewis, Party Timers, Gordon Baxter, Jerry Jones, Jan Faggard (aka Jon Foggard), Junior Cole, Coastaleers, Insight, ABC's, Dickey Lee, Loudmouth Johnson, The Traits, Ben Terrell, Great Believers

Sideman was released 28 May 1996


  1. One today, another tomorrow (with Margaret Lewis)
  2. Bring it on home to me
  3. We just called him Sam - Gordon Baxter with Uncle John Turner on drums
  4. Ice cube
  5. How do you live a lie
  6. Coming home
  7. Teardrops on her letter
  8. Out of sight
  9. Oakie doakie stomp
  10. Big brother
  11. Take my choice
  12. Bow wow puppy love (with Margaret Lewis)
  13. Tramp
  14. Golly gee
  15. Coming up fast

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