The Johnny Winter Story

Johnny Winter's Living In The Blues / No time to live

Johnny Winter Livin' The Blues

Johnny Winter's Living In The Blues

Sundazed SC 6070 released 1996

Living In The Blues: Released 1985 Showcase.

"No Time To Live" (CNR CDTB 136) is another release of the same songs. See also the album "No Time To Live"

Several tracks are acoustic guitar and vocal only, not a lot of electric lead work. Probably recorded mid 60's. Cover has Johnny on stage wearing the ugliest pants W've ever seen



  1. Out Of Sight
  2. Low Down Gal of Mine
  3. Going Down Slow
  4. Avocado Green
  5. Parchman Farm
  6. Livin' In The Blues
  7. Leavin' Blues
  8. 38-32-20
  9. Bad News
  10. Kind Hearted Woman

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