The Johnny Winter Story

Johnny Winter's Johnny B. Goode

Johnny Winter JOHNNY B GOODE
Johnny Winter JOHNNY B GOODE

Johnny B. Goode

Johnny B. Goode was recording during: 1960-1970 Released in: 1997 18 Electriying performances

  1. E.Z Rider (Live)
  2. Black cat bone (Live)
  3. Going down slow
  4. Five after four am
  5. I can love you baby
  6. Gonna miss me when I'm gone
  7. 32:20 Blues
  8. Parchman farm
  9. Don't drink whiskey
  10. Gangster of love
  11. Bring it on home to me
  12. Hook you
  13. Living in the blues
  14. Hoochie Coochie man
  15. Gangster of love
  16. Messing with the kid
  17. Walking by myself
  18. Johnny B. Goode (Live)


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