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Johnny Winter's Houston Sessions

Johnny Winter's Houston Sessions
Johnny Winter's Houston Sessions

Johnny Winter's Houston Sessions

The Houston Sessions is a compilation of live recordings over the first 30 years of Johnny Winter's career

Comments on the tracklisting

Tracks 4,5, and 6 are from the Parker's Place, Seattle WA concert of March 9, 1985, and these three tracks are very good (4 is Hideaway, not Yeah Good, 5 is Parchman Farm, and 6 is Red House). These three tracks are absolutely fantastic and great sound quality! (You can get 5 and 6 on Johnny Winter Live Bootleg Vol 2. Track 7 is the same as the last track on Johnny Winter Live Bootleg 6 and it is a decent recording, but not the greatest, however it is a fantastic rendition of It's My Own Fault, that likely dates to the late 60s.



Bruce Comments:

"Meanest Town I Know" must be "Dallas." I don't know what "Yeah, Good" is, but I assume it is an incorrect title. The times listed would suggest live recording (e.g., none of the studio versions of "Parchman Farm" exceeded seven minutes), and most of the songs were done by Johnny live at one point. But times, too, have been known to be wildly inaccurate.

  1. Leland Mississippi Blues 4.38
  2. Black Cat Bone 5.35
  3. Meanest Town I Know 10.45
  4. Yeah, Good! 12.00
  5. Parchman Farm 7.45
  6. Red House 9.43
  7. It's My Own Fault, Baby 14.50

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