The Johnny Winter Story

Johnny Winter's Ease My Pain

Johnny Winter

Johnny Winter's Ease My Pain

Sundazed Records, released 4 Feb 1997 CD: SC-6071

Pre-Columbia tracks; mostly recorded 1960-1968

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When Winter became a sudden blues-rock sensation in the early '70s, every half-baked demo he ever made was pushed out by little labels hoping to cash in. At the time, these releases probably hampered Winter's career, but now that the damage is done and he's lived to tell the tale, it's fun to have these curios. Ease My Pain is way overstocked on torchy ballads and mid-tempo blues, while Livin' in the Blues finds him dabbling in psychedelia and Dylan imitations. But Johnnie's "Leaving Blues" and "Low Down Gal of Mine," and a couple of real-deal slices of Robert Johnson, make the rest of the stylistic meandering worthwhile--potentially embarrassing moments seem cute in hindsight. And while there's nothing here as fluid and speedy and rocking as what he'd soon produce, there are hints of the firestorm about to burn



Johnny Winter
Johnny Winter Johnny Winter
Johnny Winter Johnny Winter
  1. Ease My Heart
  2. That s What Love Does
  3. Crying In My Heart
  4. The Guy You Left Behind - Todd Records
  5. Shed So Many Tears (Elton Anderson/Eddie Shuler)
  6. Creepy
  7. Gangster Of Love
  8. Road Runner
  9. Leave My Woman (Wife) Alone
  10. I Can t Believe You Want To Leave
  11. Broke And Lonely
  12. Oh My Darling
  13. By The Light Of The Silvery Moon
  14. Five After Four A.M.

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