The Johnny Winter Story

Johnny Winter's Blues to the Bome

Johnny Winter Blues to the Bone

Johnny Winter's Blues to the Bone - Rec: 1967

Blues to the Bone was recorded 17 May 1967 at Gold star recording studio, Houston, Texas.

See also Johnny Winter's album: "Raw to the bone".



  • Johnny Winter - Guitar
  • Calvin "Loudmouth" Johnson - Vocals
  • Late On Blues
  • Loudmouth
  • Lien On Your Body (Mortgage On Your Soul)
  • Once I Had A Woman
  • Take My Choice
  • Unwelcome In Your Town
  • Gangster of Love
  • Alone In My Bedroom
  • Hoochie Choochie Man
  • Moth Balls
  • She's Mine
  • Unsatisfied Mind
  • Rock Me Baby
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