The Johnny Winter Story

Johnny Winter's Birds Cant Row Boats

Johnny Winter - Birds Cant Row Boats - Rec: 1965-1968 Rel: 1988

Johnny Winter - Birds Cant Row Boats - Rec: 1965-1968 Rel: 1988

Relix RRLP2034


  • Johnny Winter - Guitar, vocals
  • Don't Drink Whiskey (1:05) - Recorded 2 Feb 1967 at Recording Service Studios, Pasadena Texas.
  • Suicide Won't Satisfy (2:05) - Recorded 10 Jan 1968 Andros Studios, Houston.
  • Goin' Down Slow (5:45) - 19 Jan 1968 Andros Studios, Houston. Previously unissued, this seems to be a completely different version of the one which was recorded 2 Feb 1967, features Johnny on National Steel Guitar.
  • Blue Suede Shoes (2:15)- 10 Jan 1968 Andors Studios, Houston.
  • I Wonder If I Care (2:25) - 10 Jan 1968 Andros Studios, Houston.
  • Easy Lovin' Girl (2:40) - Jan 1967 Pasadena Sounds studios, Pasadena Texas, released on album 1969.
  • Take My Choice (3:12) - This is local (Houston) bluesman Calvin "Loudmouth" Johnson, singing the cocal , Recorded 1967 Gold Star Studios, Houston.
  • Coming Up Fast - Recorded 1967 Pasadena Sound Studios. A short version edited down to less than three minutes, was released at the on the Cascade label, only a few hundred 45s were pressed, which are today much sought after collector's items. The version on this album is the original, full-length master, which includes a long fuzz guitar solo.
  • Living In The Blues - 1967 Andros Studios Houston, first released 1969.
  • Birds Can't Row Boats (2:50) - Recorded in the same session as "Living In The Blues" Andros Studios, Houston. First released 1969.
  • Ice Cube (3:00) - This one of the very earliest recordings made in 1959. Recorded at Gulf Coast Studios, Beaumont, Texas.
  • Gone For Bad (4:17) - Record 1965 Gulf Coast Studios, Beaumont Texas. Issued at the time on 45 by MGM.
  • Tramp (2:48) - recorded during the brief period in 1967 when Johnny Winter was the leader of "The Traits" and it was released under the group name, in a pressing of 300 45s on the Universal label.
  • The Mistress (2:45) - The lead guitar is Johnny, vocalist is Johnny's bass player Isaac Payton Sweat, who changed over to C&W music. Johnny is playing Country music. Recorded Studio-by-the-pond, Hendersonvill, Tenn.
  • Avocado Green (2:28) - Record 9 Nov 1966 Pasadena Sound studios.


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