The Johnny Winter Story

Johnny Winter's A Lone Star Kind Of Day

Johnny Winter's A Lone Star Kind Of Day

Johnny Winter's A Lone Star Kind Of Day

Johnny Winter & Friends: A Lone Star Kind Of Day Relix RRCD 2042 (AAD) 1962 - 1989 (90)

This CD is hard to find and may be considered rare


Review of "A Lone Star Kind of Day" from CD Review January 1991 Volume VII, Number 5, has a Review of A Lone Star Kind Of Day on page 30.

Following is the article.

A Lone Star Kind Of Day is primarily a revealing look back at the music Winter made in his native Texas before hitting the big time. The disc does, however, include two recent recordings. One is an interesting Cajun-influenced take on "Louie Louie," and the other is "We Go Back Quite Ways," written and recorded especially for this project. The latter finds Winter trading verses with former bandmate I.P. "Ike" Sweat, as they fondly recall their early '60s performances in Texas honky-tonks and roadhouses.
From there the disc moves back and forth in time throughout the '60s. Some of the material is trite (the novelty instrumental "Who Dunnit," for instance, featuring brother Edgar Winter), while other tracks simply miss the mark, especially when they stray too far from Winter's roots. The selections that find him arduously honing his blues chops, however, are excellent. "Ease My Pain," from 1962, is classic Texas blues from a teenaged Winter, while a live take of "Busted In Austin" highlights his searing blues-rock attack in a live context.
Sound quality on the recent material is quite good, but most of the recording ranges from decent to downright awful. Remember, some of these are down-home indie label tapes recorded more than two decades ago.


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