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The American record encyclopedia "(New) Rolling stone record guide", issue 1983 and issue 1992 both have Johnny Winter covered.

JOHNNY WINTER: "Johnny Winter came out of Texas in 1969 after woodshedding there for the better part of a decade, and was immediately heralded as America's best young white blues guitarist -- the acclaim was all the more powerful because he, like his brother Edgar, is an albino. He was almost immediately signed by Columbia to a lucrative long-term contract. But because he was more committed to blues than rock, and because of a nasty heroin problem, Winter never realized his commercial promise.

The Janus and United Artists packages are recordings made in Texas during the mid-Sixties; they are straight blues and not bad, although the two-record Janus package (Before The Storm) is pretty thin. Winter's best blues playing is on Johnny Winter, the first Columbia LP, and Nothin' but the Blues, cut with some of the same people who made Muddy Waters ' Hard Again (produced by Johnny). His rock ventures peaked early, with Second Winter, which includes a wonderful version of Bob Dylan's "Highway 61 Revisited," and Johnny Winter And, recorded with the remnants of the McCoys, including Rick Derringer . Still Alive and Well, his first album after being cured of his addiction, is also an interesting pop collection, with more than the usual share of straight blues work." (review by Dave Marsh)


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