The Johnny Winter Story

Eric Clapton - Lost In The Blues

Eric Clatpon List in the Blues


Eric Clapton Lost in the Blues

' In January 1971, I went to see Johnny Winter at the Watford Town Hall, a venue situated just north of London. Sitting up in the circle, I felt the full impact of the heat rising from the bodies massed in the auditorium below.But I was hotter than most as, unknown to me at the time, I was going down with glandular fever and the sweat was pouring off me. On stage too, the Johnny Winter Band with Rick Derringer werer cooking fit to bust when about half way through, Winter sat down on a stool and picked out by a single spotlight, started a simple country blues. I went cold, the sweat dried on me - that sound was not just spine - chilling, it was freezing. As an emotional force in contemporary popular music, electric blues guitar playing has few peers.'

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