The Johnny Winter Story

Edgar Winter's White Trash / Roadwork (1972)

Edgar Winter Roadwrok



EPIC PEG 31249
Producer: Rick Derringer

Edgar Winter's White Trash Roadwork 1972
Edgar Winter 
Edgar Winter 
Jerry Lacroix 
Johnny Winter bearded 
Randy Jo Hobbs 
Rick Derringer 
(Epic 31249, 1971)-Roadwork is the tipple point where Rock and Roll, Blues, Gospel, and R&B meet on the dark end of "Tobacco Road". Armed with brother Johnny Winter, Rick Derringer and a full horn section, Edgar Winter shows that he once had balls before losing them with the tepid "Frankenstein" and beyond. With songs culled from the Trash's first album and the American R&B songbook, Roadwork seethes with rhythm. "Tobacco Road", "Save the Planet", and "Rock and Roll Hoochie Coo" make this collection worth the modest price of admission.




  • Save the planet
  • Jive, jive, jive
  • I can't turn you loose
  • Still alive and well
  • Back in the U.S.A
  • Rock and roll hoochie koo
  • Tobacco road
  • Cool fool
  • Do yourself a favor
  • Turn on your lovelight
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