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Tommy Shannon

Tommy Shannon together with Stevie Ray Vaughan

Tommy Shannon - Bass



Tommy Shannon (aka Tommy "The Slut" Shannon) in an interview: I was living in Dallas, Texas, playing in a soul band there, making good money and one night Johnny Winter came in and sat in. We just jammed and he asked me if I wanted to join his band and I said, "Yes." I moved down to Houston and we starved our butts off for awhile. I went through the whole Johnny Winter experience

  • Check out Tommy Shannon's very cool website.
  • Arc Angels (1992), Tommy Shannon (bass, Charlie Sexton (guitar, vocals), Doyle Bramhall II (guitars, vocals), Chris Layton (drums).

Some of the albums of Tommy Shannon recorded together with Johnny Winter:

Tommy Shannon together with Johnny Winter in 1984
JWS Tommy Shannon 1984

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