The Johnny Winter Story

Tom Compton

Tom Compton - Drums



Tom Compton was Johnnys longest serving drummer, coming on board in June 1984 and playing thru till a little after the Live In NYC 97 release. Orginally from England, he spent 6 years playing for Alvin Lee appearing on 2 albums by Ten Years Later(Rocket Fuel & Ride On) and 2 albums by The Alvin Lee Band(Free Fall & RX5). A year after Alvin Lee and Johnny Winter toured together in 1983, he wanted a new boss and Johnny wanted a new drummer. Even though Alligator Records used different players for the records, Tom was always there in concert. Played on the last 4 albums(Winter Of 88, Let Me In, Hey Where's Your Brother? and Live In NYC 97). In late 98 he joined Savoy Brown and appears on their 1999 album - The Blues Keeps Me Holding On. But he left them before 2000

Tom Compton also played with blues artist Kim Simmonds.

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